Monday, December 04, 2006

dead grass and critical theory

well where has the time gone? i have been so busy the last two weeks it makes my head spin. first i had to write then deliver a paper at a critical theory conference at a uni in sydney (not mentioning any names) which is where i have been since last tuesday. what an experience that was. it was a postgrad conference and the people organising it were all postgrads and they were without exception really great people, so friendly and open and very very clever. i am very glad i met all of them and hope to stay in touch for the future. my paper was very well received, got some great feedback, esp about the application of theory to history and about the historical phenomenon im studying as well. i learnt a lot from the keynote speakers and from the postgrad papers. mostly from the postgrad papers, in terms of critical theory, its complexities and applications. from the keynote speakers i learnt that once you get a "dr" in front of your name you can turn into a right wanker. esp if youre a theory boffin. even more so if you are into 'continental philosophy'. given that this is a public blog and i would like to earn gainful employment in the tertiary sector at some point, i will say no more.

in between we have been doing lots of dog training for jems first flyball competition back with his old team, which is this sat. the other dogs have needed to get used to having a rabid cattle dog around and we dont expect to run great this coming weekend but there is definately some potential for the future. also miss possum has been doing some flyball training and runs like a flash. we hope to be able to get her to do it with other dogs around at some point too!

on my return home i found the lawn and the vegie garden dead. not just dry but completely dead. grass brown, lettuce wilted. tomato plants shrivelled up (thanks to the frost not two weeks ago, and now water restrictions and continued drought. we have a gardener and a landlord who expect us to waste water on keeping the lawn green. i refuse, its immoral). so this is what we get stuck with:

i have to admit its very depressing.

i did finish my first lace washcloth, here it is:

its wool not cotton so isnt really a facecloth. the plan is to make heaps and sew together for a blankie. the pattern is from, its a nice easy one.

i havent had time to read anyones blogs for two weeks but will try and do that later today.

k xx


Taphophile said...

So sorry to see the devastation of your garden. I like you square - is it the brown wool from Margit?

Are you going to SnB tomorrow night? I still have that wheel.

kylie said...

hi taph! yes it is lovely margits wool, took a while to find something it worked on but 4mms and simple pattern seem to do it justice.

i have been overtaken by the silly season and have a work party tonight so no snb and then a dinner appt tomorrow night *sigh* says the social butterfly.

if you let me know a night next week that suits you i will come get the wheel and will promise to tattoo a reminder on my forehead!

Taphophile said...

Mate, there is no night next week when I am home, alas. Silly season is Jan-Dec for me.

kylie said...

no problems, we will work something out at some point. im not going anywhere and i do intend to get to another snb one day in the next decade!

Jejune said...

So glad your paper and conference went so well - always refreshing to meet lovely intelligent people!

I'm with you about lawns... luckily our landlord doesn't mind if the grass dies, there are just a few bushes I have to water.

And good job on the knitted square - looks great :)