Friday, December 22, 2006

xmas cheer

thats two posts in a row with an X as a substitute for a real word in it. is that some kind of blogger record? probably not

also its a little bit sarcy that title. i have about as much xmas cheer within as the grinch. i hate the crass consumerism, it reminds me how i have no family to hang around with, and the mall becomes impossible to negotiate. and then theres the neighbour from hell....quick update, had to call police last night because after an afternoon of yelling insults at me over the fence (no i dont know why) and then a domestic with husband when he gets home, she comes and starts pulling palings off the fence and throwing them at the house, yelling insults and threats like "now theres a big gap and if your dogs get in here im going to kill them". i dont know what sort of medication shes on (or perhaps should be on a larger dose of) but shes blaming my dogs for ripping down the fence (cos dogs do that) and getting into her yard when the fence shes referring to is on the other side of the carport which is further separated from the backyard by another fence with padlocked gate. i know cattle dogs are clever but im pretty sure he hasnt worked out how to undo padlocks just yet.

so i called the police. they were pretty good. she ended up yelling at them and they took her husband away - there is obviously some other history there. he was trying to tell her to leave the fence alone and at one point told her she was so crazy she should be on a current affair! funny if it wasnt also true.

anyway very anxious about the whole thing and feel like i cant even go out in my own backyard. i rang the real estate agent this morning who was very good and supportive and asked if we wanted to move out which of course i dont, too expensive, inconvenient etc. she said she would just tell the owner they needed to fix the fence and worry about getting the money out of the neighbour afterwards. she said they might get colourbond so then i "dont have to look at her". nice idea.

and at least we are going away tomorrow so thats great! perfect timing. we are spending 10 nights up at riverwood downs, a moutain retreat kind of thing near barrington tops, camping with some of our dog sport friends. cant wait. seafood christmas by the river under the stars. *sigh*

we arent back till jan 2 so will post pix after that. hope everyone out there has a great christmas and new year and hope to catch up in the new year when things are a little less hectic (laughs hysterically).

have a good one
k xx


Jejune said...

Wow, your neighbour is REALLY INSANE. I'm glad you called the police...

We have neighbours who are just really loud, and our yard and balcony overlook their backyard, where they seem to be all of the time, being loud - so while they're not criminally insane like your neighbour, they certainly make us feel like we can't relax in our own yard, which is seriously annoying, especially in summer - but the physical and verbal threats you're getting are something else. She must be mentally ill. I hope things get better in the new year. Somehow.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas away - sounds like bliss!

(And Xmas is actually an ancient form of the word Christmas, where X stands for the initial Greek letter 'chi' from Khristos / Christ. It's not a modern abbreviation, although many people think it is. Which I think is nice, anyway :)

kylie said...

ah well im glad to hear that about the origins of xmas, makes me feel better about bastardising the english language. i like the idea that it speaks to the history of the word! thanks for your well wishes, i think that some time away will help calm things down for everyone! have a great xmas yourself and hope you are all managing ok with the new dietary regime - happy to hear about any sugar-free fruit cake recipes :)