Tuesday, May 29, 2007

last weekend

i am taking a break from packing and cleaning kitchen cupboards because my back is killing me. im very nearly over it! the removalists are due here thurs 1130 so that gives me time to clean up a bit more that morning, but i have to go teach my last classes tomorrow so i dont want to wear myself out too much today!

so i thought i would put up some pictures of how i spent my last weekend in canberra. no it wasnt at home packing like a good girl. instead, jo and dave and trent and i went down to michelago to play with sheep. trent was barista with his new pot and yummy lavazza from rome, i am hoping someone with the pix will blog on the ks about that.

meanwhile i have some pix of ms possum 'backing' the sheep, that is, running along them to pack them tighter into a race. she has done this a couple of times before but this weekend was very good because i didnt have to stand in front to encourage her towards me but was able to get her to 'go way up', that is, move away from me and drop down between the sheep and the gate. she loooooooves doing this! jo's kobe also had a go and got pretty excited. annie's turn next!

thanks dave for the pix.

i dont think you will hear from me again until we are in the new house.

in which case, i bib a fond farewell to The Can, which i like, esp in winter, (except for the people who drive in the right hand lane and the lack of pork rolls) and to the lovely SnB ladies, especially Taph, Jejune, Spider, and Bells who have been lovely and welcoming, with a big hug for Ms Spider to whom i am in eternal debt for getting me addicted to sock knitting. and of course to Georgie, who i knew before and was looking forward to living in the same town as. may The Can treat you and B and PJ well. i will miss you all.

perhaps a canberra-wollongong snb connect-event is called for in the future. best of luck to all of you and i will be reading/watching for all the WIPs and FOs.

lots of love
kms xxx

Friday, May 25, 2007


yes i have a new avatar thingy, and yes i copied the idea from bells, but do you think i can get it to work like bells does? thats what you get for not having an original idea in your head. and im not quite that skinny either but hey, its the world wide web, anythings possible.

edit: may 29. i finally figured out how to get the meez thing on here animated, tho blogger wants to shrink it to fit a little smaller than i would like. but its working at least.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

too busy to blog

how can this be, we ask? what can be more important? seriously, nothing. its just that life keeps sticking its ugly head in front of my computer screen and reminding me about all the things i need to do. and how everything that needs finishing is converging at this one point in time.

for example: the full manuscript for the book i am co-editing is due at routledge in, oh, about two weeks. i have to do all the reformatting in chicago style. 4th edition. has anyone ever heard of chicago style? no not me. its so complicated the style manual is the size of a law torts text book. what the hell's wrong with good old harvard, i ask? but it will be done and then we will not speak of it ever again. by the way, you know how academics have been to university and everything and are sposed to be like, really clever? do you think any of them know what an 8000 word limit looks like? 'oh surely that doesnt apply to me, im so clever you cant cut my words'. hmmm watch me.

secondly, end of session. for some reason my third year class has had one assessment, an annotated bibliography, made due on thurs the 31st and then their final essay, 3000 words, is due the friday after. the course has 47 people in it. i am marking ALL of these bibliographys and essays. i need to make a stamp or something that says "your essay contained some good ideas but failed to differentiate between description and analysis" so i dont get RSI from writing the same thing 45 times. yes we have two great students.

let alone the fact that there is still one week of actual classes which involves me getting to wollongong and back in a day and teaching for 4 hours straight while there.

thirdly. packing. oh crap whose idea was it to move RIGHT NOW? how do numbers one and two get completed when the computer is hidden behind boxes and the house is a mess and i have to paint over the putty-filled holes in the wall i made on the day when we moved in 18months ago and the cd case fell over and the real estate agent wants to show the house to people?

but there is one thing that returns sanity, and i was reminded of its power by the cute little quote over at georgie's kitchen table. this is my knitting. i have made remarkable progress since my return from The Continent, and have a whole left front and nearly a whole right front of the wrap done to go with the back thats been done for a while. its starting to make sense as a garment, tho the pattern needs a bit of work. it would help if i knew how to read a pattern, for example, where it tells you a two line repeat and then says repeat these 2 times more, that means, kylie, you do the pattern THREE times, not two. sigh. well, im in arts not maths so.....

but thats life isnt it, the perpetual quest to see how many balls you can keep in the air at the same time.

so i mightnt be blogging much but i am still reading everyone else and we wont mention the trauma of missing fibre-whore day, a self-imposed punishment for my european largess. just keep the pictures coming....

till next time
k xx

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

cose del favorito dall'italia

i have only just begun to recover from jetlag when i come down with some kind of flu thing and feel like crap again but nevertheless i have disciplined myself to sit here and resize photos and say something meaningful about where i have been lately. its easier to tell the story in photos, which are some of my favourite things from italy (hence the post title).

starting with rome. the colosseum from the outside:

and the inside:

there is so much history in rome it was overwhelming and i loved it. a very lived in and friendly city although absolutely mortally dangerous if you are a pedestrian.

other favourite places there - piazza navone:

the bernini fountain in piazza navone:

the spanish steps looking down to the trevi fountain (they should call this is a bathtub really):

finding keats' house next to the spanish steps:

the vatican:

st peters basilica (oh my. breathtaking):

this is the courtyard of palazzo baldasini where we had two days of workshops:

this is the room in which said workshops were held. nice!

the other great things about rome were the coffee (check out the coffee blog for part one of the analysis), the pizza (real proper woodfired pizza with awesome tomato sauce) and proper italian prosciutto, unlike anything you get here.

then a worldwind train ride to florence, which was vastly different to rome, much more beautiful but less friendly and too touristy. favourite things - the duomo, or the basilica santa maria dell fiori. unbelievable, no matter which way you look at it:

the green room inside the palazzo vecchio:

view of florence from the terrrace of the palazzo vecchio:

not being able to get into the uffizi because of a 4 hour queue:

the view of the arno from ponte vecchio:

inside the medici palace (this is where michelangelo made the david):

the chapel in the medici palace which you cant take photos of but i bought a bag and notebook from there:

this is a detail from a fresco of lorenzo the magnificent (proper title 'cavalcata dei magi' by gozzoli).

the medici family church, san lorenzo:

the courtyard of the medici library next to san lorenzo:

and whats this i find right next to the medici library? a wool shop?!

i have already done my dash tourist dollar wise so i abstained, and they were mostly selling summer wools anyway so....

other favourite things about florence - the gelato:

the hot chocolate:

this cost 6euro and was pure melted chocolate. unbelievable.

two days in florence and it was over to the coast to catch a boat to sardinia and then a train ride down through sardinia to cagliari (pronounced cal-yary) the capital, where the real conference was being held at the rather plush T Hotel:

on the second day they put us all on a bus:

to ghilarza, the small town where gramsci (the dead theorist whose conference this was) went to school:

i loved it here, the building where we had the conference was awesome inside and out, possibly an old watch tower or prison:

the cute little streets:

the house where gramsci lived (now a museum):

the gramsci grafitti:

it was like being on a gramsci pilgrimage.

on the third day we went on the bus again to arles, an even tinier town where gramsci was born and is something of a national hero:

and were treated to local hospitality in the form of a sardinian jazz trio and a traditional sardinian meal which included suckling pig. awesome.

as you can see, it was exhausting. i loved it but two weeks away with a work colleague was trying and i missed my pumpkin (not the vegetable) and puppy dogs and was ultimately glad to get home. my paper went well, i got good feedback and made some very useful connections.

now there is the madness of having to move in two weeks and finishing the wrap, which i took with me but did none of of course.

more later!
k xx

Saturday, May 12, 2007

i'm ba-ack

i have returned from italy safe and sound but am too exhausted to blog - got back to the can thurs night after a fantastic and overwhelming and extremely revealing two weeks away. will blog and post pix as soon as my brain rejoins me, it is still floating somewhere between here and hong kong. hope you are all well. very glad to be home.
k xx