Tuesday, May 29, 2007

last weekend

i am taking a break from packing and cleaning kitchen cupboards because my back is killing me. im very nearly over it! the removalists are due here thurs 1130 so that gives me time to clean up a bit more that morning, but i have to go teach my last classes tomorrow so i dont want to wear myself out too much today!

so i thought i would put up some pictures of how i spent my last weekend in canberra. no it wasnt at home packing like a good girl. instead, jo and dave and trent and i went down to michelago to play with sheep. trent was barista with his new pot and yummy lavazza from rome, i am hoping someone with the pix will blog on the ks about that.

meanwhile i have some pix of ms possum 'backing' the sheep, that is, running along them to pack them tighter into a race. she has done this a couple of times before but this weekend was very good because i didnt have to stand in front to encourage her towards me but was able to get her to 'go way up', that is, move away from me and drop down between the sheep and the gate. she loooooooves doing this! jo's kobe also had a go and got pretty excited. annie's turn next!

thanks dave for the pix.

i dont think you will hear from me again until we are in the new house.

in which case, i bib a fond farewell to The Can, which i like, esp in winter, (except for the people who drive in the right hand lane and the lack of pork rolls) and to the lovely SnB ladies, especially Taph, Jejune, Spider, and Bells who have been lovely and welcoming, with a big hug for Ms Spider to whom i am in eternal debt for getting me addicted to sock knitting. and of course to Georgie, who i knew before and was looking forward to living in the same town as. may The Can treat you and B and PJ well. i will miss you all.

perhaps a canberra-wollongong snb connect-event is called for in the future. best of luck to all of you and i will be reading/watching for all the WIPs and FOs.

lots of love
kms xxx


Jo said...

go miss possy pants

Georgie said...

Wow, go Princess Possum! She's doing so well.

I'm going to miss you awfully too, and am sorry I'm not around to help with the move. Make sure you email new contact details, and of course there's Blogland!

Bells said...

hey Kylie - that came around so fast! Blink and she's gone!

A CBR/Gong meet up would be excellent. All the best and I'll look forward to reading your updates!

Fernicle said...

Good luck with the move Kylie... If you are struggling just remember that it is a whole lot easier that trying to move to The Continent!

Good luck with the book and the essays and all the rest too. Must say I don't miss marking essays...hehehe...I have to teach a week long course in August but that is just for 20 PhD students...ahh the joy of a research position...xxxx

Jejune said...

Othlon and I wish you all the best for your move and the future - and we'll stay in touch in Blogland! I like the sound of a get-together sometime :D