Friday, May 25, 2007


yes i have a new avatar thingy, and yes i copied the idea from bells, but do you think i can get it to work like bells does? thats what you get for not having an original idea in your head. and im not quite that skinny either but hey, its the world wide web, anythings possible.

edit: may 29. i finally figured out how to get the meez thing on here animated, tho blogger wants to shrink it to fit a little smaller than i would like. but its working at least.


Bells said...

tee hee. Aren't they cool, those Meez things? Did you choose an animation? That's how they move.

kms said...

i did chose an animation but i cant get it to download or give me an uplink to it, so i have settled for a static gif (had to do the right click and save image as...) for now until i work it out properly! but they are really cool and i always wanted a scorpio tshirt! thanks for the idea :)

Jejune said...

Aaah, in the interbets we can all be thin ;)

Although I do prefer it when the body shapes are a little more realistic. We are trying to helps girls and women accept themselves better, and only skinny options doesn't really send the right message, do they.

Nice library setting!