Tuesday, February 17, 2009

away from home

this week i am away from home, but only down the road. well, 2 hours down the road, but i am staying here for the week because i am in a 'writing for publication' workshop and there is homewrok to do and its pretty heavy going, so i didnt think i could cope with the driving AND thinking. today was day 2 and it has taken me this long to figure out how to get the laptop connected to the uni wireless network. sheesh. anyway, here i am, eating my healthy choice microwave meal, reading papers about factors that influence nursing as a career choice and making mind maps:

its raining here still, and its lovely really. this is such a gorgeous campus, here is the view from my window (i am staying at the unilodge).

oh, and i might be knitting a bit. i cast on lily mark two in the filatura di crosa zara and its motoring along:

i love this pattern, so easy. no sewing. this might be a record knit for me, timewise. and did i mention i am in love with the zara? i may never knit with anything else again....

and before i left i managed to finish the second of bells' christmas monkey socks. the colours are not great here as it was cloudy but the cherry tree hill sock yarn in serengeti is MADE for monkeys. voila:

i must end with an apology. i am not much of a blogger at the moment, obviously rather sporadic in the posting, but not great on the commenting either. a full time job may well add to the bank balance (not sure, havent been paid yet) but it definitely detracts from important blogging time. you are in my thoughts tho.

k xx


Bells said...

hooray for a pair of monkey socks!

Look at all that lovely rain. Nice.

Hope it's a productive week for you.

Fernicle said...

good luck at the workshop gorgeous!

Monkey socks look fantastic...

What days a week are you planning on being at work when things are back to normal? It would be good to lunch sometime when I am down in March.


Trent said...

Great to hear from you. The furkids and I are doing fine.

miss you hope you can come home soon.

trent, jem , poss

kms said...

aw thats so cute. i miss you too. get jem off my pillow.

Rose Red said...

Ha ha, nice comments between you and Trent!!!!

I am doing Liesl right now and am SO LOVING the no seams, top down construction!!

And how nice is the Zara? Pretty bl**dy nice stuff, hey!