Sunday, February 22, 2009

back...and baking

that was a long and tiring week. im glad its over. i dont like being away from home really. i did get nearly a whole paper written, it just needs some polishing, but its pretty close. i didnt get a lot of knitting done really, just a few rows on lily here and there. but there was a lovely little parcel waiting for me when i got home...

ok, it wasnt so little. it contained rather a lot of malabrigo:

the green is for renee and the rest is for me.

these 4 skeins of lace weight are in paris night colourway and are for the shetland tea shawl from 'a gathering of lace' if i ever manage to finish the myrtle leaf, or the victorian ruby. (i am a bit obsessed with lily at the moment but am missing the lace, i might do some today). the paris night colours are perfect, not quite black, or grey, or blue, or purple, but little bits of all of them at the same time. scrummy.

and two more velvet grapes in worsted to go with the 4 i got for my birthday. this is enough now to make a leisl for me. if i ever finish lily, and trents cobblestone! so much knitting, so little time.

oh, and whats that in the background? sam norton knight tackling my yarn, as the waratahs beat the chiefs. two from two, happy about that.

anyway, all this yarn fondling made me want to do some baking, so i set up the ingredients in the kitchen and set to work:

the result was 5 cakes:

2 of the velvet grapes for leisl, one socks that rock in atomic for the blackrose socks (i only have one pair of socks that are nearly finished on the needles, must remedy that situation!), plus the koigu for plain socks, and one skein of the paris night just to see what it looked like. delicious!

k xx


Bells said...

fat free baking!

I just started blackrose socks yesterday in black Socks that Rock. It's a fabulous pattern.

I miss my lace too but am rather taken with my cardigan.

Rose Red said...

heh heh, I love the way you bake!!

m1k1 said...

I knew not about Yarnandkisses.
You enabler you.
Trying to remember how much stuff I already have.
But definitely bookmarking that!

TinkingBell said...

Such gorgeousness!

My liesl only took 500m - 2.5 balls on Brown sheep cotton fleece - so perhaps I could suggest a Flair - or a February Lady Sweater - I intend to make a velvet grapes one and both the previous ones took 5 skeins of malabrigo (around 1000m each....)

Blogger is still messing with my mind - my word is brati!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Gah! I want mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo!!!!

Just cast off my sock routellet sock. I'm casting on Blackrose in Knittery "earth" tomorrow. *sigh* I bet'd the blackrose will look awesome in your socks that rock! ;p

(I'm so over this lit review. I'm going to be rewriting it in October, so I'm wondering - why bother?!) >.<

2paw said...

I was looking for the cooking!! I must not be quite with it yet, your cakes are lovely!!!