Friday, January 05, 2007

of tents, dogs, storms and ticks

arrived safely home from our fabulous camping holiday which was deficient only in its brevity. isnt it funny how you can spend 10 days doing absolutely nothing and come home exhausted?! i think i will let the pictures do the talking:

this is some scenery from where we were camping, a place called riverwood downs on the karua river at upper monkerai near gloucester. nice.

its was practically empty when we got there, this was the only other tent, but was packed by boxing day. it got a bit noisy at times but was still a vast improvement on the usual beachside haunts. here is adventure boy trent fiddling with his new camp kitchen:

and here are all our campsites in a row, we think we had the best spot right on the river under the trees.

we definitely had the best constructed tents which weathered two major storms with only minor amendments needed to trents tarp at one point.

the rest of the tents appeared to fall down around us while we watched, perhaps a little more amused than we had a right to be.

i think in this picture the inhabitants sought shelter under their collapsed tarp. we think they ate their dinner under there. teehee.

the dogs had a great time, swimming:

riding in utes:


possum liked this spot in the road so much that cars and people were forced to walk around her. who said she was a princess?!

meanwhile the humans did some walking:

gathered some wood:

(here we see annette supervising nathan, this reminds me of a mccubbin painting, oddly!)

looked at pretty scenery:

and ate a great deal. i didnt think it was decent to take pictures of that.

the injury count was relatively low - trent got a black eye when he tried to lift jem over an electric fence at which jem protested. cobber cut his paw pads and earned the name hop-a-long for the week and jem also got a tick but it was dead because we'd frontlined him. except he appears to have brought one home and is now in the hospital being treated for a live tick and subsequent paralysis poisoning. he isnt too far gone so should be ok but thats not even two weeks since he was frontlined. a very large vet bill awaits. and we need to get new tyres on the car. on that, trent has decided we need a bigger car and is thinking along the lines of second hand range rovers. doesnt do anything by halves my trent!

but it was all worth it. i hope everyone else had a lovely break, i have a lot of blog reading to catch up on.

k xx


Jejune said...

Wonderful to see all your pics and read about your wonderful camping trip - glad your tent didn't fall over in the rain, and that your injury count was low :)

Amazing to see so much green grass...

And, yes, that picture reminds me of a McCubbin painting too... it has something of the feel of The Pioneer, I think.

Taphophile said...

Apart from the whole living in a tent thing, I so wish I was there. Looks like you had a great time. Hope Jem recovers quickly. And glad you are back safely.