Wednesday, June 13, 2007

after the storm

long time no blogging. i havent even had a chance to catch up with anyone else yet. it has been a series of storms, both literal and metaphorical, in my life lately.

starting with the metaphorical, there was of course the big move from canberra back to wollongong. the actual move went well although it was a lot to co-ordinate and organise, considering i had to do most of the packing, supervise the removalists and then stay behind to clean up and deal with real estate agent. a very long tiring day.

at least the next day trent took off work and was here to help unload the truck when it arrived and we spent that weekend unpacking and arranging things etc. it was trents bday that weekend too, so we had a little surprise party friday night when jo and dave came down from sydney with our favourite indian food from faheem fast food. hmmmm tandooooooooor....

we were here for only two days when we had to go queensland where various storms erupted - this being a public blog im not saying what but the next few months in dog sport world should be interesting. *sigh*

one good thing about that trip was the vast amount of knitting that got done, and the bendigo wrap is so close to being finished its scary! it has a back, two pieces of the front and one and a third sleeves. there is only the last bit of sleeve, the sewing up and band knitting to go. *holds breath*

the other good thing about queensland was that we missed the storms that hit the coast and hunter valley, we drove back through land that had been recently badly flooded and there was mud and rubbish everywhere, and i thought for a minute that our little shack by the sea might have got blown away but it was still here. there is sand all up on the street and down the driveway from the surf but of course my camera has no batteries till tomorrow when i go shopping so i cant show you.

the only evidence i have of our new life by the beach (which is actually our old life just come back again) is this crap pic from my mobile phone of the dogs frollicking up east corrimal beach. cute. they are loving it here big time.

and so am i, though i miss the frosty mornings in the can and i am yet to get me to a new SNB crowd here. will report back when i do.

hope all is well out there in blogland.

more soon.
k xx


Jejune said...

Good to hear from you again! I'm very relieved to hear that your house was unscathed in the storms.

Looking forward to some pics of your nearly finished wrap top!

Georgie said...

Glad to hear your move went well; best of luck weathering all your storms! At least you survived the physical ones and will soon be all cosy tucked up in your wrap. Can't wait to see pics.

Give Trent a big kiss from me for his birthday!

kms said...

are you home yet g? i thought you would still be in transit?? have been enjoying your travelogue :) looking forward to catching up!!

the stripey tiger said...

Your new snb crowd is us! looking forward to meeting you! ;-)