Friday, March 07, 2008

contrasts and calmness

i finally finished these patonyle contrast socks:

readers may remember a long drama with these socks: not enough patonyle, using bendi for contrasts, getting more patonyle, making a second pair with no contrast heel, someone preferring the contrast heel, finding black patonyle. i could go on....

suffice to say that i made one pair of these with no contrasting heel which i gave to dave, who was a hand-knitted sock doubter and now is not. these ones were meant for trent, but i have decided to give them to the FIL who is in hospital still, but recovering. they found some clots in the actual brain itself and think they can get rid of them with drugs. we are going up to see him again on sunday (we have flyball tomorrow at the camden show), and i will give these socks to him then. trent thought it was a nice idea and doesnt mind that he wont get them but this wool is soooo lovely and i do have a bit left over, i will try and get some more to make him his own pair.

in the meantime, they are so lovely, i might wear them myself!

it was nice to have time today to finish them guilt free. i have been cleaning, and shopping, and walking dogs, and emailing students, but a sense of calm is starting to return and i dont feel compelled to run to the computer every two minutes and sit with my hands poised above the keyboard thinking that i must need to be working on something.

maybe next week i will start working on a paper, and then a book proposal.

but not today.



Taphophile said...

Hand-knitted socks have well known healing properties - toes are crossed that these gorgeous babies work. :)

Fernicle said...

Big congrats on pensky submission! Love that you now get to walk dogs and knit in calm...sounds like bliss! I just got back to Bergen from Oz, snow everywhere and an absolute mountain of work to do...papers to write and courses to prepare...YIKES.

As for the cup, you will be pleased to hear that I used mine just this morning - I try and use it everyday at work after all the blood sweat and tears it took to get it!

Stay in touch and xxx's to trent and pooches

TinkingBell said...

Relax!! RELAX! Listne to the sound of my is OK not to be researching Relax!

Make a sock - have a timtam and a cup of tea! Relax!

Rose Red said...

Like your new Meez - looking very relaxed and happy.

I think it's a lovely idea to give the socks to your FIL. I wish I was knitting socks back when my dad was in hospital - I would have made him a bright red cabley pair.

Hope you all are doing ok.

Bells said...

Congrats on making it to submission day Kylie! I missed the day, being off line for a couple of days, so congratulations!

And those patonyle socks are marvellous. I have that yarn and must use it! Hope your FIL improves soon.

lilypotter said...

Nice socks! Hand-knit socks are the BEST!