Tuesday, March 11, 2008

endless summer

so just when you start thinking about how mild summer has been and how its time to start planning projects other than socks, la nina throws on a heat wave and reminds you why white man was not meant to live in the antipodes. and even though the summer of socks is drawing to a close, i am still socking away.

the contrast patonyles were a hit with the FIL who is still in hospital - they have given him drugs for the tiny little clots in his brain and his motor skills are returning, but they did an echocardiogram today to see where the clots where coming from and i have just heard that they have found a little hole in his heart that needs stitching. they think he will be alright and he is lucky that he is healthy but surgery is always risky when you are 74. i hope the healing power of the hand knitted sock helps! ( 9.21pm ETA: just returned from hospital visit. the hole does not require major surgery and is actually a left over thing from babyhood that has chosen to flare up now, they can close it via a catheter and all will be good. relieved).

i have returned to the 'fancy silk sock' with a vengeance and am at the heel:

the leg part is supposed to have six pattern repeats but this is five and long enough i think. i have used the exact amount of stitches required but am using 2.75mm rather than 2.5 needle and i think that slight difference is making a good size sock for me.

because i gave the patonyles that were supposed to be trents away, i have started a new pair for him with the burrawool i got at robertson:

these are the lichen rib socks, again from 'knitting vintage socks', because i may have had enough of history-writing but there is something very appealing about making historical socks. all these ribs are lovely, and i really like the look of old fashioned lace. simple and symmetrical.

i do have plans for a pair of embossed leaves, and a pair of poms, but the 'southern summer of socks' will be over soon and they wont count for anything except my own pleasure.

in other news, teaching is going pretty well, its good to be able to spread it out over a few days rather than trying to do it all in one, so it doesnt seem as stressful. most of my students are pretty good. the americans are interesting, i have a few girls from NYC. they appear to breed them with attitude in the big apple. complete with bling. hmm. the rest are just real eager to please. sweet as apple pie. very nice people.

i got an email yesterday from the research office saying the pensky was gone to examiners. i felt immediately nauseas and wanted to run in there and put a stop to the whole thing. we made a list of four, any of whom i would be happy with, but it has only gone to two, one in america one in australia. there is a website where i can track its progress, when reports come back etc. i guess its good to know its really out of my hands! i am trying hard to relax and not worry about the future too much.

meanwhile summer drags endlessly on. enough with the sun already!

k xx


Rose Red said...

Oh socks always count! Nice to have a pretty pair and a (relatively) plain pair to work on at the same time, they both look great!

Georgie said...

So glad to hear that things are going (sort of) Ok with your FIL. Bit of a rollercoaster though!

Love the silkies, and that burrawool is going to look great. How nice is guilt-free knitting?

Bells said...

Good news about your FIL my dear. Very good news.

Glad to see the pink socks back. Fabbo!

So excited to hear you're working so hard on SSoS. Your drive inspires me!

I feel sick for you just thinking of the pensky being out there in other's hands!

lilypotter said...

Oh, such pretty socks! And no fair complaining about the heat! I'll trade you your summer for our endless (cold, grey, rainy/snowy and did I mention COLD) winter anyday! :)

Jejune said...

Glad to hear the pensky is out of your hands - a high anxiety time, though! It'll be FINE, really.

Very relieved to hear your FIL is doing so well... very good news that he can avoid the surgery.

And gaw-jus socks! They are all just beautiful in their own special ways :)

Totally agree with you about the heat #p We've HAD ENOUGH already! Would swap for snow and ice any day :)