Monday, March 17, 2008

fancy part one

a nice quiet weekend included some shopping, flyball training and dinner with the FIL who is now out of hospital and apart from being very tired and starting to look a lot older, is in pretty good form. he has to have a day procedure thing to close this heart valve problem, but today, all is good.

yesterday was basically spent on clothes processing. good lord. where do they all come from?

i did find time however to finish the Fancy Silk Sock part one:

these look like i have huge feet, but i have made it shorter in the leg and did less gusset decreases to keep the foot a bit wider. it fits prefectly, without too much stretch in the lace and feels lovely on. even with the shorter leg the cuff is tight on my calf and i will end up bunching them down a bit. i know ive got slightly large calves but gees louise, those 'victorian ladies' must have had sticks for legs with no shape at all.

anyway, i mentioned we went shopping. here it is in my new shoes:

colorados. very comfortable.

k xx


amy said...

I love the new shoes! Perfect for showing off your handknit socks!

Rose Red said...

*snap* to Amy's comment - I was going to say the same thing! (I also have the clothes the moment they are all piled on the chair in my bedroom, and my wardrobe is still full!)

Bells said...

Nice work. And they look GREAT with colorados. I'm keen to get some. Expensive?

Your parcel is on its way my dear. With a surprise in it.

kms said...

ooooh a surprise! claps hands and squeals :) the shoes were chosen with the explicit purpose of showing off socks, and it is a nice bonus that they are actually really comfortable, even tho they are quite flat, no heel. $99.95 so not cheap, but being colorados, i know they will last a couple of years. today i am wearing them with my cotton vog on socks - perfect combination!