Wednesday, July 23, 2008

history has computers*

what is going on with the time-flying-by thing?! i thought life was going to slow down a bit for me now but noooooo

so we went to albury on the weekend where we got the dogs to do some of that flyball bizo, they had fun, the team came second (losing only to our perennial rivals the national record holders) so a good result. it was really fun actually, we have not travelled for dog stuff for ages and it was great to be with everyone and eat cake and knit in a big tin shed while dogs barked their heads off and the humans huddled around scott's tiny little camp heater that wouldnt stay alight.

i did get lots of car knitting time, and have finished sock one of trents jitterbug thujas:

this colourway is copperbeach and it is divine! i have never knitted with wool like this before, the spin on it is so tight that it makes this perfectly rounded stitch that looks like something other than plain stocking. i am greatly looking forward to knitting myself a pair in this (i have that gorgeous red vatican pie colourway) and am going to knit plain with a picot edge to really just let the yarn do all the work.

when i finished this one i started a pair of rib socks for myself:

these are the madder rib socks from vintage socks in knittery merino/cashmere in midnight colourway. hmmmmm knittery.....hmmm cashmere....this yarn was a gift from george and i love it. speaking of which, we took a little detour to canberra on our way to albury and paid a visit and i held little grace for a very long time and only let her go when she screamed about something. food i think it was. she is gorgeous, and mum is looking pretty good too. trent took some great photos of pj as well, i think he will be flickering them at some point?

and do you see that little bag that the knittery socks are in? yes thats a buttontree lane exclusive and i love it to death. i had to catch the train up to sydney on thurs night last week and it sat beautifully on my lap and even held my ipod. noice. i have commissioned some more.

and in between all that, i officially started my new job yesterday. i am blogging from there right now, as i got here early to try and avoid traffic. i have some pix - this is the lawn outside the library. whats with the 'passive recreation' thing?

this is my building:
this is my corner of a large shared room which no one else has appeared in yet.

yes thats right, this is where all the history action happens. when i got here yesterday there was no computer, and i spoke to a school manager who yelled at an IT manager who suddenly appeared with a very groovy little machine. (*hence the post title, which was trents response to my first email from said computer). they are very civilised here, itunes, streaming radio, everything you need really....

here is the view from my window if i lean over my desk and look backwards:

here is the other view if i push my chair back, thats botany bay in the distance (takes me an hour to drive around it to get here. sigh.):

anyway, i had better actually go do some work now. i am trying to get around to reading everyones blogs as life is not about to get any simpler with teaching starting again next week (i am doing two days at wollongong again for what will be my last session there). time flies....

k xx


Bells said...

thanks for the new job tour! Looks like you're all set up!

Grace is very cuddleable isn't she? I have a photo of me with Grace I want to post. I will ask George.

Socks are all looking fab! I don't know the madder pattern and I hvae that book. Must look.

ps check your email!

Rose Red said...

Hello Kylie's work! Hello Kylie's socks! Looks like you've got a good workspace there - although it's so modern, that seems kind of wrong for the history department - should be all roll-top desks and gas lights and things!!

Michelle said...

Ooh! Look at your desk! How exciting to be working in such a ball-game free environment! Pesky ball-gamers.

I'm so glad you love your sock bag. I got your other fabric (CUTE!) last night and I'll get cracking on it this week. I think I'll end up using most of the fabric for a bigger bag. Your other bag is done except for the ties.

And yes, Grace. I told you!

Jejune said...

Very cool socks - I keep hearing about this Knittery yarn, must try it for myself one of these days! And love the bag. And the new office and job and pooter box! Congrats on the dog trial results too, you busy girl, you!

metal and knit said...

Love the socks.

Your office looks like a good spot to look out from when needed.

Glad to hear the dogs went well.

TinkingBell said...

Welcome the the world of history socks and bag and blogpals!

Great tour! And have a happy new job - you really deserve it! (I'm so envious that you got to meet grace!)

mel said...

Kylie, I want to send you my Grandfather's philosophy books if that's cool with you. Can you pm on Rav you addy and then I can forward them to you. Most of them I have had to purchase at old book shops eg: Gould's in Newtown and one at Leura but would love to hear what you think. x