Wednesday, July 09, 2008

under attack

people warned me when i finished the phd that i could expect to get sick. they did not tell me that my body would become the site of some apocalyptic germ warfare. a couple of small colds were followed by the gastro-from-hell, and now i have been hit with the flu-from-hell. usually i only get mild bouts of flu, in fact, i dont think ive had a serious flu in the 5 years of doing the phd. but im paying for it now, big time. its annoying more than anything. i am happier, less stressed, eating well, doing more exercise, than for the entire last 5 years, and here i am moaning on the couch with flu. aaaaagh! and all the drugs in the world dont help either:

i have another week before i start my new job officially, but i do have a pile of owed research work to finish that i can not think straight enough to look at. however, i am not so weakened (as i was by gastro battle) that i cant knit. lily is coming along nicely:

i am almost at the part where i divide the sections and do the sleeves etc, im pretty confident about the sizing so far, and it is kind of cool with the top down thing that you can just keep making modifications until its wide and/or long enough.

and i am very impressed with the wool, its knitting up so light and airy and soft, like cashmere, and i have made all this with about half of one skein

and i had four skeins to start with, so i dont think im going to run out anytime soon.

anyway i must get back to the couch before my head implodes.

k xx


TinkingBell said...

I do hope you feel much better soon - we are germ central here too - so I hope it will all pass soon - Lily looks lovely!

Michelle said...

Gosh, you're in the wars! Feel better! Lily is looking lovely too.

2paw said...

It never rains but it purs. Hope you feel better really soon.
Isn't top down good?? Yet I have only done it once. I must do it more often. Lily, she is lovely!!!

metal and knit said...

HOpe your feeling better soon. I say lots of chicken soup with garlic bread.

the stripey tiger said...

So we need to call you DRKMS now!! What a huge effort a PHD is??!! No wonder you're sick! The Lily looks good. Where is the pattern from? :-) Stripes

kms said...

thanks stripey. the dr thing is a bit weird still, just plain old kms will do for a while yet:) the pattern is from marie grace designs, can download it from rav.
k xx