Monday, July 14, 2008

no cards up this sleeve

i am slowly recovering from the lurgy, i have not been knocked around so bad by a flu in a very long time. i am sick of being sick. enough already.

while too weak to do anything except cough, i got a long way on the lily cardigan. here is where it is at (finally approaching end of first skein):

how much do we love our knitpicks options? the pattern says to put all the bits on different bits of waste yarn and to knit the sleeve in 4mm DPNs but i dont have any of those, so i took my knitpick points off and put the cable on one of those holder things, and the first front bit just on a stitch holder. seems to be working. i cast on too many extra for the sleeve, i have been a bit worried about size, but its bigger than i need so i am decreasing rapidly-ish. i am pretty happy with how this is shaping up, but i dont know whether its exhaustion or drugs, but the endless rounds of stocking stitch make me very sleepy.

meanwhile i technically started my new job today. i moved boxes of files from one uni to the other, coughed my way through my HR induction and started setting up the new office which has no computer in it (dont you love uni admin?) and have to go back briefly tomorrow to hand in more forms - we had kind of agreed that i wouldnt actually start work this week as Il Papa is in town and they are busy setting up the stage at the racecourse right next door to my entry gate. there will be no access at all later in the week. they are trying to bring in some new laws where people can be arrested for offences such as 'annoying pilgrims'. does this mean if i am irritated by someones god-bothering i can have THEM arrested? hmmm.....

on my way home tomorrow i am going shopping for a new outfit with a skirt involved as it is graduation on wednesday and i have to give my little speechy thing. i wrote it last week, it is short and sweet and not overly political, hence the powers that be have 'approved'. i decided against a three word speech (vive la revolution) as i did not wish to be dragged off the stage while the chancellor had a heart attack.

maybe next time.

oh wait, there wont be a next time! thats right, no more studying for me. not ever. i swear.

then friday we are going to albury for our first flyball comp in ages and yes, we are taking a little detour via The Can to go say hi to someones ex-bump that is now an FO. cant wait.

k xx

ps did you see these? so gorgeous....i already bought stuff!


Bells said...

I bought stuff too! Cool shop huh?

And I NEVER thought of using the options needles like that. Aren't you clever. Wow!

All the best for Wednesday. I think the three word speech would have been cool but can see why you decided against it!

Michelle said...

Hello almost-Dr K. Hope it all goes brilliantly on Wednesday. Nothing wrong with a 3 word speech. They can't do anything to you once you've said it!

Enjoy the visit with little G. She is SOOOO cute she will make your ovaries ache. I thought mine were past aching, but oh no! She's a cute one!

TinkingBell said...

Have a wonderful Wednesday - I'm with Michelle - what can they do to you after you've vivad the revolution!

Personally, I think annoying pilgrims is an Australian's sacred duty!!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Feel better soon!

And yes, isn't Micks stuff awesome! I love it, I've bought stuff, and will buy more.

And I've only seen little G briefly, and need to go visit properly sometime, but she is simply gorgeous - what Mick and Bells said. :)

And also Tinkingbell said. :)

Fern Wickson said...

So exciting you will graduate wednesday, and even more exciting that you shall do so with a new job already begun!

Any chance of emailing me your speech since I can't be there to hear it in person?

Happy pilgrim hunting!

Rose Red said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill (I'm a bit behind in blog reading - stupid work travel!!). I think you should end your speech with the 3 words - that'd be tops!!

Heh heh - annoying pilgrims - I hadn't thought about it that way! Apparently George Street in Sydney was overrun with them yesterday (I was still in Melbourne).