Saturday, January 31, 2009

the idea of perfection

as a self- taught and mathematically-challenged knitter, i have grown used to the fact that my knitting is not now and will never be perfect. every project i have ever embarked upon has been frogged or carries some degree of mistake (the kind that you point out to other knitters just in case they spot it and look at each other with raised eyebrows and pursed lips and mutter something about lifelines, which is also the kind of mistake that most NORMAL people would not notice and think that whatever you make is lovely and clever and special). i am not by nature a perfectionist, not since i left the prison-house that was the childhood home, where everything had to be just so, and from which i rebelled into 'that'll do'. and usually, it will do.

this does not mean that i dont strive to do things properly, and when it comes to knitting, i try pretty hard to get it right. there isnt much point in knitting lace and stuffing it up and knitting along anyway, cos its not going to look much like the pretty pictures in vlt that way. and if i was going to do that, i wouldnt bother with lace for a start.

but i am bothering with lace, and often lace bothers me. it is the sort of knitting that i do with my tongue out and tension gathering in my shoulders, forgetting to breath as i go. you would think then that i would confine myself to knitting lace with a rest/purl row. oh noooo that would be SENSIBLE! instead i decide to embark on the myrtle leaf shawl with bells. of course, hers is going great guns, growing by the minute, and i feel an urge to keep up with her. but i cant, and i wont, for a number of reasons. firstly, i frogged it three times. there was just something about the chart i wasnt reading properly. secondly, it can not be knit at night time, its too hard to tell where you're at, and black 2 ply silk is NOT for tinking. thirdly, it can not be knit with other people around. it requires full concentration, i have to count every stitch, double check everything as i go, remember to breath. so its slow going. i have done one full repeat of the main chart. there are 40 repeats required. so its going to be a long-term committment this one. but i dont care, i love it! look, see:

you know what? its perfect! there is not ONE single error in this repeat. i love that about it. its my goal to knit the rest of it, one repeat at a time, with no mistakes. just so i can have one piece of knitting that is perfect. and that piece really should be a black silk shawl. so bells will finish before me, but we will both have something beautiful at the end!

there is a bit of near-perfection in the air today. its hot, again, of course, so i cleaned the pool and went in:

i thought of you all as i splashed around on my pool noodle. i may even have giggled to myself :)

i have had to restake my cherry tomatoes as they are growing like wild things.

they are so delicious that they dont even make it upstairs, whenever i pick one i just pop it in my mouth and go all mushy at the rich sweet home grown tomato flavour. best thing in the world.

oh, apart from perfect yarn! i have some of that too. knitting camp weekend also meant some stash enhancement, in the form of some pink koigu that i bought myself and bells delivered:

(yes i just noticed that one skein is slightly lighter than the other. i dont care, its koigu).

and some gorgeous blue koigu that donni gave me. what fantastic colours:

mmmmm koigu. and now i am home alone for quite a few hours with just myrtle to keep me company. does it get any more perfect? i think not....

k xx


Bells said...

do you remember I wrote a post on this very subject in January and called it the same thing? he he You love the Kate Grenville book too?

i was literally just thinking about you and this a few minutes ago, and how I want to slow down so that we finish more closely together. I will probably take a break soon and finish some other projects. also, I can feel myself getting a bit over-sure and that's not going to be good for the longevity of the project because I'll screw up.

But yes, don't rush. I reckon you'll find, as I did, after a few repeats that you start to speak Myrtle's language. She's almost a comfy knit, I think.

I was also just thinking about a week ago, how we were in your pool. And there it is. Noodles and all!

m1k1 said...

Myrtle splashy cherrytom Koigu happiness is yours.

Rose Red said...

pool noodle *gigglesnort*!

Bishop Stone said...

I really love the pink yarn, yummy. And the lace is cool. I am working on my first lace shawl and some day go better than others. And I must say I am impressed by your tomatos, the lack of rain here is making ours look very stunted.But we soldier on. Cant wait to see how the lace turns out.

Jejune said...

Congratulations on the lace success!

Very envious of that pool ... and that Koigu. Better not let me near your place ;)

knitting sprouts said...

One repeat at a time - it is the only way to do it isn't it? It looks challenging - too challenging for my short attention span!