Wednesday, January 14, 2009

snakes alive

warning: if you are squeamish or planning on swimming in this pool anytime soon (you know who you are) you might want to look away now. yesterday there was a snake in the pool. at first i thought it was just a long piece of bark, we get that, being surrounded by gum trees:

but no, it was a snake. we get them too, apparently, being surrounded by gum trees. the wires person who came to fish it out thought it might have been a python but on closer examination of this picture:

i am pretty sure it was a red bellied black snake. it had managed to get itself out of the pool before we could catch it, and has slithered back into the shrubbery around the pool fence i think, where im sure its doing good deeds by getting rid of rats. oh yes, we get them here too apparently.

whats more of a worry is that the snake was the best part about yesterday. i worked mostly from home because i had a guy coming to finish installing new fly screens and he is an older gentleman, from central europe, and a right royal pain in the arse. he wanted to argue with me about what did or didnt need doing, and failed to get the message that we just wanted them ALL done regardless of what he thought of their condition, and in fact, he had agreed to do them all the first time he came, so of course he was shitty and didnt leave till 730pm.

and i had a crap working from home day with a heap of hierarchy politics going on in my sydney job, and that upset me, but it helps to confirm that the other path i am taking is the right one, because i was looking forward to coming back here today (sick, i know), and also confirms that the hunch i have been developing over the last few years, that australia's academic historians are arrogant self-important ego-maniacs, is in fact correct, and really, i dont want to be one.
give me a snake anyday. at least you know its going to bite you, not pretend its your friend, ally or mentor just before it sinks its fangs in.
k xx


Michelle said...

Holy crap.

I hate snakes. It's actually a severe phobia from living in NQ on the Ross River where we were surrounded by them (and mosquitos, but I'm not as scared of mosquitos).

How sad is it that I knew that was a red belly before you ever said "we thought it might be a python"?

So glad you're glad about your career decision! That must be a load off your shoulders, at least.

Olivia said...

aiee! I guess no swimming for a bit then? It's understandable that snakey wants to keep cool in the pool.

It's unfortunate that so many patriarchal institutions are self-perpetuating because the enlightened souls can't bear to stay long! But I don't blame you, you only live once and can't waste time beating your head against arrogant ego-maniacs forever.

amy said...

ooh, what a lovely metaphor that snake left you before he departed the pool! excellent.

Rose Red said...

Bags not being first in the pool anytime soon. Or even anyone in the back yard, quite frankly. Can we put a bell on each of the dogs, that might scare the snakeys away!

Sorry the work thing was yuk, but as you say, helps you confirm your decision! So yay for that part at least!

Bells said...

Oh geez, might think twice about swimming there when I'm next up. I'm terrified! Can Trent be the big brave man and make sure the pool is safe for us?

Fernicle said...

Deadly snakes living around my house is something I DEFINATELY do not miss about living in Australia!
Be careful with your hounds, a friend of mine just lost his to a brown...


knitabulous said...

We had a massive blue tongue in our pool the other day - rescued by my lizard loving daughter - I wish I had have taken a photo now. He was so cute.

But I am dead seriously weirdly frozen with dread even thinking about a snake. Your picture just completely gave me goosebumps and the heebejeebie shivers. Freud would have a field day analysing it - it's a pathalogical terror.

But your amazing misty dawn views - they're amazing.

Speaking of which, did the dog(s
?) freak out or didn't he (she/they?) see it?