Thursday, January 01, 2009

two thousand and nine

and so it begins, another year passes, another year older. wiser? hmmm. perhaps. in some ways yes. in some no, same old same old. but in many ways 2008 was our annus horribilus and now that its over it feels like the end of an era, and i think this is a good thing. new beginnings and all that. starting a new year not being a student, with a new job to go to next monday (to become full time in another month or so), and new horizons to explore. i am pretty confident 2009 will be a good vintage.

we saw the new year in just us and the dogs, with a seafood bbq and only ventured out in search of ice cream, but our favourite place was shut (shut, on new years eve, when all the restaurants around it were buzzing! i mean, really) and settled for something slightly less satisfying from down at manly. lots of people about. beautiful summer evening. we came home, watched one episode of boston legal and crashed by 1030. the reason for this early evening is that we decided yesterday we would go for a little stroll on the waratah track in the national park behind us, my dad had this great idea to give us a 'bushwalks in sydney' book and we read about this walk and it sounded pretty easy. it wasnt really hard as far as bushwalks go, but it was hot yesterday and there were a couple of steep climbs, and some of us arent getting any younger! if i made new years resolutions one of them would be something about improving fitness, but this is one of my perpetual life-projects anyway. after yesterday tho, i do feel somewhat more motivated to actually put in a bit more effort on that front.

anyway, we slept it off while there was some big fireworks thing going on in town, then 2009 dawned hot and sunny, and with me feeling a bit sore and sorry! we did some gardening, had scrambled eggs for breakfast, a bit of house cleaning in preparation for visitors this weekend, and then a long loll around in the pool. i think this is a rather auspicious beginning to the year. harmonious and domestic. i think i will make this my theme. and this picture kind of sums it up, no?

hope everyone else had a good one and isnt feeling too bad this side of the parties. and i really hope 2009 brings some peace and joy to the world, and some sense to those determined to stuff it up.

k xx


2paw said...

Nothing like a good loll to start the year off properly!!! Your lace is looking very impressive!!!

Bells said...

You sound happy my friend. I'm glad. What a lovely, quiet start to the year. I like it.

Scarf is looking gorgeous! Happy new year to you and Trent.xo

Rose Red said...

Nice start to the year! Happy new year to you both!

Georgie said...

Happiest of Years to you both! What a lovely start. Im liking how that scarf is looking too, teehee!

m1k1 said...

lace, lunch and lolling

TinkingBell said...

Happy new year - ours was a bit like yours - I did sashimi and steak and we were in bed early after watching some eps of the Mighty Boosh - very quiet and balanced!

My security word is `eyefloge' - something odd is definitely happening to blogger

Caffeine Faerie said...

Nice scarf too, btw. :)