Thursday, March 12, 2009

in the bag

we all know that its just not knitting without the right accessories. hence, i am a little obsessed about project bags. i have a few of them, all different sizes, but recently ran into a problem because i am usually only working on one large item at a time. that one item was cobblestone, and it had my large custom made project bag all to itself. until recently. until i decided to start a second lily cardigan. they have been sharing the bag but it was not a happy marriage. and then this morning i discovered a little coffee shop in mona vale that sells little knick-knacky things, including these ecosilk bags:

they are fantastic colours, made from parachute silk, so they are actually really tough and fully washable, and you can tie the handles together. they are meant to be shopping bags but i think it will do just fine for a project bag. lily is happy.

cobblestone may have a bag to itself but it is not otherwise a happy project. look closely:

i was knitting merrily along on it the other night and felt something rough in my hand, looked down and found this:

really bad form. not happy jo sharp.

k xx


Caffeine Faerie said...

Argh! tie knots in the wool.I hates them!!! Not happy jo sharp indeed.

Thse parachute bags are wonderful though! I've seen them at The Rocks - they have back pack versions too. Very sturdy, very lightweight. All good. :)

Bells said...

oh me likey! Nice bags. Me want.

Knots - me not so likey.

Don't know what's happened to my grasp on language today.

Rose Red said...

I had a knot in my Jaegar Extrafine Merino the other day - not happy Jan(e)! I also had a bag of Jo Sharp cotton which I knitted into a singlet - I reckon at least 3 of the balls out of the 10 had knots, one of them had 2 knots!! Not happy Jo Sharp!

But otherwise, Cobblestone is looking great!

amy said...

Love the parachute bag! What a great idea, and waterproof too. I always prefer to have the knitting in something waterproof. I travel with a gang of messy ruffians, you know.

Jo Sharp. I have a big beef with Jo Sharp. Were you reading when I was knitting with a bag of Aran Cotton and found knots galore not to mention none of the balls weighed what they were supposed to? As god and scarlet are my witnesses, I shall never buy Jo Sharp again. When I gave my mil a list of suggested yarn brands for her big trip Down Under, I put NO JO SHARP.

Of course, I'm knitting my Lily in Elann Camila and have found more knots than I'm happy with there, too. But for some reason I'm not as cranky about it. Dunno why not.

Jejune said...

Knots are SUPER annoying. Not good form.

Love that ecosilk bag, though - yummy! Great colour too!

Melinda said...

Grrr - knots. Shame on Jo.