Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a walk around the block

whats this you ask? two posts in two days? if you answered 'oh kylie's working from home, she must be procrastinating' you answered correctly. go to the top of the class.

seriously, i am done with grant application software.

i did have a good start to the day tho, and i thought i would share it. you have seen lots of pictures of the amazing view over the back yard, so i thought i would take you on my walk around the block this morning.

possum and i set off around 720am, me in my new shoes:

these are adidas runners ( i think i might have heard of that brand before - ha ha injoke). i got them on special for $80. they are so white they glow. they have a silver bit on them that might make me go faster. i plan to be wearing them a lot around london, so they need to get worn in first.

we start by negotiating the driveway:

and then turn right onto the main road that links our village with the next one. then there is just bushland:

we walk up here for a while, trying to avoid the people in large expensive 4 wheel drives doing significantly more than the speed limit. there are lots of horsey people around here. i am not a big fan of horsey people, but i do like horses - this place is next door:

then we turn left:

and go down a hill where there are more horsey places and a very cloudy sky:

we turn left again at a cross roads and head down this hill:

we had 80 mm of rain here on sunday, and the ground is very mushy and there are mini waterfalls running under the road:

then we go up this very steep hill:

i already have a sore calf muscle. this doesnt help, but it gets the heart racing. then we turn left again into my favourite street around here, but i took a photo while walking so its blurry. der.

i love the canopy of overhanging trees. there is another small hill here which used to hurt but doesnt anymore (a good sign), and then we turn left one more time back onto the main road and into the home stretch. we are the second set of bins on the right (try squinting):

then we turn right into the driveway:

and we're all glad to be home, about 40 minutes later. its a big block.

k xx


Bells said...

oh that looks so familiar!

Shiny shoes! Very glowy. When I took Will for a walk in his news shoes he told me that new runners are good for skipping and going fast. :-)

m1k1 said...

It's called pro-crastinating, because you have to be dedicated to do it right. So how appropriate that you should have shiny new athletic shoes to do it in. I think you need shiny laces as well, for the really going fast.
Nice walking environs. I think it is a good plan to go downhill first, because the sight of an uphill at the start would make me turn back.

m1k1 said...

p.s. How's the Lily? I've just finished the body of L.Black and am about to go back to do the sleeves. I hope it is easier this way, what with me not being a sock knitter, therefore not accomplished in in-the-round matters.

Rose Red said...

yeah, I think I'd walk the other way so I get the downhill runs!! Great way to start the day though!

kms said...

jen, lily is going great, thanks to the handy hints from amy! i am working on the body now with holes where the arms will be. much easier than throwing the arm bits around all the time. you wont have any problem :)

2paw said...

Thanks for the lovely tour. Very shiny shoes. We used to paint our Dunlop tennis shoes with special 'white' and then dry them in the oven!! Hope the paddy paw is healed nicely. You have a loooong driveway!!