Sunday, November 12, 2006

bloomin' marvellous

firstly apologies for the lengthy silence. had a very busy week last week with a chapter deadline which i technically-speaking met, i just need to tidy up the conclusion today. and then a two day trip to wollongong for a workshop and meetings. i was so absent minded after that that i forgot that i had made arrangements to go to taphs and pick up an old spinning wheel she doesnt want and is giving to me for free. a free wheel and i forget all about it. not a good sign. let alone the rudeness of just not showing up at the agreed time. now that i am closer to 40 than to 35, i can not seem to remember anything if its not written down. my sincerest apologies to taph, grovel grovel grovel.

anyway here are some pix of the amazing rose garden after the little rain shower we had this morning:

and some pretty close ups - firstly the big pink nice smelly one:

and the rare orange one that doesnt flower a lot:

and the prettiest one:

whatever was bothering the roses before when they firt started has mostly passed, perhaps it was too hot, or maybe they just needed a bit of water from the smidge of rain we've had lately.

and here is the wild vegie garden with overgrown rocket and coriander:

the lettuces are doing great, the tomato plants are growing well but the leaves are quite dark and brittle so maybe they are missing some nutrient or too much water?

meanwhile i finished my lace practice square. i like the effect of it, but you cant see it clearly in this pic:

this is the chocolate wool that margie gave me and it is just too coarse to actually wear as a garment. i dont think it holds the lace pattern well either, looks too bulky. i might try a simpler lace and make a big lap rug out of it or something for those cold days at herding.

speaking of which, we are off to sydney to do more of that next weekend, and i just found out that my instructor robert yesterday won the australian yard dog championship down in victoria, so im lucky to be learning from the best!

hope all are well. and that, as they say, is your bloomin' lot.

k :)

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Jejune said...

LOVELY roses, Kylie - just beautiful - it was so good to get that rain, wasn't it. You can just hear the gardens (and gardeners) breathing a sigh of (short-lived) relief.

Yeah, I know what you mean about memory stuff... I'm much the same... I have to write things down.

Lace is hard to photograph - but the pattern looks nice. It would be lovely as a lap rug!

And congratulations on your trainer's big win! You are indeed learning from the best :D