Wednesday, November 15, 2006

water falling from the sky

i think they call it rain. this is what it looks like over the backyard:

i also tried to get a slowmo of the icey stuff that fell out of the sky earlier.

suffice it to say its been raining on and off for a few days and its lovely but still nowhere near enough. i love the fact that its november and today its as cold as winter - snow at thredbo and the winds coming straight from there. brrrr. we have turned the gas off so i had to drag the oil heater out of the garage.

meanwhile i am staying warm by ploughing through this pile of articles i have to read and make notes on for some research assistant work im doing:

thankfully its all to do with gramsci (italian communist) who i am using in my thesis so its worthwhile reading. princess possum is keeping warm on the lounge behind me. her inner-devil-dog is revealed!

should a dog who will need to work for me this weekend really be lounging around inside? my instructor would have a cardiac event if he saw this. yes i am off herding again this weekend so no SnB again, and probly not another free weekend the rest of the year. god i cant believe its gone so fast.

speaking of wool, i am still working on finding a lace pattern i like, this is the current attempt "falling leaves" from the debbie bliss book.

i think i need to do it on smaller needles but i want to make a rug and im not doing a rug on 3mm needles. anyone got any suggestions for a lace that will look ok worked bigger?

fingers crossed for more water from the sky.



Bells said...

oh yes. the rain is wonderful today! I'm loving it esp cos I'm home sick and my husband's outside shovelling dirt in the between rain moments.

God lace is everywhere at the moment. Everyone's doing it! I've GOT to try more than the little bit I've done. No advice for you though, Kylie. Sorry! But I wouldn't do a rug on size 3 needles either! I'm not that much of a masochist!!!

Jejune said...

This wet stuff is amazing, isn't it? Now we just need some *more* of it...

I'm no expert when it comes to lace patterns or rugs, sorry... hmmm. One pattern that I really love, which is easy peasy, and works well on wash cloths at least, is called Chinese Waves. (rummages around to find link...) - here you go :

It's not an openweave pattern though, hmmm... and I agree about 3mm needles - sheer madness!

And that is the doggy face of a very smart creature who has controlled your mind, and got you to let her inside AND up on the sofa! You thought you had free will? Not on your life ;)

Enjoy your herding weekend!

Fernicle said...

Wonderful rain - lucky you! I have to say I saw a bit of that stuff in Bergen - apparently you can reliably expect rain 275 days of the year there, although that is all bound to alter with climate change!! I have been trying to post more pics on my site but no luck, maybe I need broadband as I switched to beta but no change. Anyway gotta run and do some research work of my own...kisses