Friday, November 03, 2006

i think its called knitting

it was a dark and stormy night when margie (who will be sorely missed)walked into starbucks dragging a large garbage bag. anyone want some yarn she asks innocently, as if she doesnt know whats about to happen. kylie is sitting there minding her own business flicking through taphs collections of b/g knit patterns, thinking about what she might knit for herself one day if the urge ever takes her again. she hasnt even bought the socks-shes-not-working-on, because she has no intention of working on them. she has bought things for the swaps, red loopy for taph, hand dyed angora for spider (kylie liked the idea of the angora which she bought from the nundle wool mill, but when she tries to knit it little wafts of white and pink hair float up her nose and make her sneeze).

she doesnt think she wants any of this yarn that margies giving away but someone says something about 10 balls of chocolate coloured wool, right about at the same time that shes holding a pattern for a lace cardigan, and its free, and then its in her hands, and in her basket, and well what are you supposed to do?

no one knows what sort of wool it is or what ply even so taph, evil woman, says, again innocently, why dont you knit a tension square. kylie never does these, so the thought hadnt occurred to her, and no sooner does she say oh thats a good idea, than taph has handed her back a pair of garish green plastic needles she had donated for swaps and a tension square of something that feels like handspun chocolate coloured wool is being knit.

meanwhile kylie got attacked by a lamb. naughty lulu. lucky possum wasnt around.

today at home there has been a blackout and i (that is, kylie) could do no washing or vacuuming or writing, so was forced to pick up said tension square, unravel it and start trying to work out how to knit lace. i have a debbie bliss book that has lace patterns, found a nice one that is a 6 row repeat and not too hard, so have tried that a couple of times. i foresee the usual problems with this, my inability to read a pattern correctly (hence knitting row 5 instead of row 3) and my inability to keep track of what row im on (hence knitting row 6 twice).

but its been fun, this thing called knitting. (i have no photos of it to prove it because my camera has run out of batteries). next week i promise.

now the power's back on and i must go do housework.

k :)


Margie said...


kylie said...

yes you are evil
hope your trip went well and you are safe and sound and happy at home :)

Jejune said...

We had the power out too - for 7 hours last Thursday, so - while half our gum tree fell onto the driveway - I ignored everything and just knit. So nice to have an excuse to NOT work, isn't it ;)

Lulu wants to know what happened to her green knitting - I think she's under the misapprehension that it's hers!