Wednesday, November 01, 2006

lunch ladies

went to wollongong yesterday and met up with 'the ladies' (you have to pronounce that like 'the ladies' from little britain!) for post-birthday celebratory lunch - it was also karens birthday last friday and rochelles tomorrow so it was a multiple celebration. we went to diggies down at north beach - this was the view from our table:

here are 'the ladies' - me (wearing lovely hand made beads from darwin which were a bday present from deb), deb herself, karen, genevieve, annie, rochelle and erin. claire was there too but she had to leave early so missed the photo op:

this is deborah, karen and genevieve:

this is annie, rochelle and erin:

this is me with lovely little olive maisie rose, genevieve and annie's brand new daughter. awww cute .... apparently she had had only one boob for lunch (im quoting annie there) so she was chewing on my finger and was grumpy till she got the other boob. well you would be wouldnt you?

we had cake made just for us, a chocolate flourless cake. it was awesome and was quickly demolished:

it was lovely to see everyone, to be by the beach, to eat swordfish and chocolate cake for lunch.

now i must finish another chapter.

k :)

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Jejune said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend away - I'm not surprised that cake was demolished quickly! And very cute bub, too :)