Sunday, May 11, 2008

finally, officially

its all over. the rumours were true.

i got the letter:

i read the reports (no revisions. not a single one):

i got the degree. graduation isnt until july but technically speaking, i am now a doctor of sorts... how bizarre. its the strangest feeling.

the interview went ok, i didnt say anything completely stupid, and they were already impressed by my CV, and it was good to be able to tell them that i had just had the phd passed, but i was very nervous and dont think i came across as very confident. so it all depends on who came in after me and how much weight they put on your ability to talk coherently.


thanks for all the kind thoughts, the worst thing about being finished is that i no longer have an excuse to sit at the computer for hours on end, which means my blogging capacity is dwindling. i will try and catch up with everyone soon.

k xx


m1k1 said...

Well congratulations to you.
So now you're a Doctor Smith. Didn't Jon Pertwee's Dr Who use that as his name when he needed to be less alien?
Good luck with the job process.

Fernicle said...

Oh congratulations - just the best news and a true testament to your brilliance that not one single change is necessary!! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it all you annoying supervisors!!

So proud, really really well done!


happyspider said...

Congratulations Doctor Gorgeous! :D

Taphophile said...

Hurrah for you, clever Dr. Knit. :)

Olivia said...

Waaaahhooooo!!!! no changes, that's bloody brilliant. Hope you are basking in that glory a little bit!

TinkingBell said...

Dr Clever Clogs - Oh congratulations x 3475858!!!! You've worked so hard - well done! (I know - buy some celebratory yarn....... - oh and champagne and chocolate!)

2paw said...

Yay for you, Doctor!! How cool and even cooler that you got all Yeses!!! Congratulations!!

Rose Red said...

HUGE congratulations!! That's so fantastic and no changes - how exciting will it be to get your lovely bound copy (hope you use red leather with gold embossed lettering and marbled lining paper!!)

Bells said...

that is astoundingly good news Kylie. No changes at all?! Wow. Who ever heard of such thing?

Well done you.

Now, how have you treated yourself?

amy said...

Congratulations! What a feeling that must be to be over, with no revisions required!