Tuesday, May 13, 2008

small consolations

well i just received an email confirming what i suspected, that i did not get the job i interviewed for last friday.

it is possibly one of those blessing in disguise situations because i felt uneasy in the interview when i asked about teaching load and they didnt want to answer me, and wouldnt commit to an hour amount, and suggested subject co-ordination as soon as i started, plus teaching across 3 or 4 subjects. a little birdy who used to work there told me teaching load can be as much as 20 contact hours per week which doesnt include prep and administration and given that where i am now a full time load (if i had one) is 12 contact hours, and people struggle on that to produce research, i am not sure why there were so many pressing questions in the interview about my research. i doubt very much i would have got to do any.

so i have asked for some info about why not me, and wait to start the process all over again with a better job at a certain national institution in a certain national capital which would be ironic, would it not? but the competition will be very fierce and i dont hold out much hope.

i am steeling myself for a date with centrelink. sigh. it is a weird space to be in, actually having the phd now but not really feeling any more qualified to cope with the real world, and there is nowhere else to hide! eeck!

as consolation, i cast on my second shetland triangle today, this time in nundle 8 ply in this yummy dark red:

the flash doesnt do it justice, it is a lovely warm deep wine colour.

i have not celebrated the actual phd thing yet as i am saving my glee and pennies for this weekend when we hit The Can for the landscapes exhibit followed by a day of woolly goodness at the markets.

looking forward to seeing The Canberra Crew then

k xx


amy said...

It probably is a blessing in disguise. I once left an interview convinced they wouldn't offer me the job. I thought the entire thing had been uncomfortable and swore that even if they did, I wouldn't accept. Something just felt off. They offered me the job, I took it against my better instincts--I was getting married soon and felt I needed a job and had that fear of, suppose nobody else offers me one?--and it was a horrible work situation. My instincts were very right, and it was a hard way to learn not to ignore them.

The right job will show up. Hang in there.

Michelle said...

The right job will come along, and you will be perfect for it.

Know what I'm bummed about? That I'll miss you while you're in the Can! I'll be off in bloody Mansfield.

Georgie said...

Its always difficult to be told "no", but Im sure there will be something better on or over the horizon.

Yay for Canberra visits!!

TinkingBell said...

Trust your instincts - you are a much sought after Doctor! (love the shetland triangle)