Tuesday, May 27, 2008

nearly there....

on friday i went to sydney to pick up the four copies of my bound thesis. ta da:

hmm pretty. even tho graduation is not till july its starting to feel real now. they have even changed my pay rate at uni to reflect my new status. did you know that 5 years of blood, sweat and tears gets you an extra $6 an hour? awesome.

we stayed in sydney for the weekend and went to see the waratahs secure a place in the finals of the super 14 rugby. this is kurtly beal practising his goal kicking.

fat lot of good it did him, he got 2 from 7. sigh. we wont be beating the crusaders next weekend with that kind of effort. meanwhile, tah-man, the worlds lamest mascot, arrived in the stadium in an army helicopter that looked like something out of terminator coming quietly over the stadium roof. you couldnt hear it or see it until it was right there, and then it hovered and he jumped out. it was cool. trent and emmanuel sure thought so:

i got bored and took out the knitting:

some people may have thought i was weird but the sock bag looped over the wrist worked a treat:

on the knitting front, trent helped me hand wind one of my fibreworks balls last night:

and i will be starting clappy today. given that bells knits like a demon, i cant afford to get too far behind her.

also on the weekend we went bike riding in centennial park. it was great fun but hurt a lot (its been a while ok?). i have been lucky enough to be able to bring a bike home with me. i am looking forward to trying my luck on it again today but not before i go get a squishy new seat for it. pictures of that to follow.

you will note there is no mention of work related matters today. my office hours are mon, wed and thurs. i intend to keep them this week in an attempt to restore something like sanity.

k xx

ETA: while i wish it were hot pink, the thesis is actually bound in a light moroon, or a dark-pink tinged red. that photo is with a flash so its brighter than in real life. its a nice colour tho.


amy said...

Oh, the thesis looks so nice! And the raise is nothing to sneeze at either. :) Enjoy the fruits of your labor and definitely keep those boundaries. Sanity is a good thing!

Michelle said...

Is the thesis really hot pink? Awesome!

So glad you could keep sane during a rugby match. Great about the bike riding though! Get a really comfy seat and maybe one with a cut-out - makes all the difference. And if you need some padded undershorts, I can highly recommend 'team estrogen' online! I love that shop.

m1k1 said...

I am stealing that idea of the sock bag over the wrist and pretending to all and sundry I thought of it myself. (I am just very slow.)

Nothing like a phd in pink I always say.

Rose Red said...

Oh I hope the PhD is red not pink!! (see, I'm all about the big issues!). Oh, and padded undershorts are an excellent idea - not that I would know, but my husby has a pair - his are like tight bike shorts with padding, with a normal floppy pair of shorts over the top.

Oh, and "Tah Man" - seriously?? That's hilarious!

Taphophile said...

Oooh, bound copies - very exciting! Nothing wrong with knitting at the footy - do it all the time.

Georgie said...

Dont they look fabulous? All your words in there! Picking up my boudn thesis was the most overwhelming part of the whole thing for me. And then I opened it and immediately found about a zillion typos!! Im sure yours hasnt got those though.

A decent girly seat makes a world of difference, and those padded undies QM mentioned are supposed to be brilliant. yduhvf

TinkingBell said...

I still take out my bound thesis and pat it every so often - having 4 looks beautiful!!! - and I love being able to loop the sock bag on my wrist - I do it at playgroup as I tag around after the kids (don't sneeze at the extra 6/hour - thats another 240 a week for a 40 hour week - thats 1000 a month towards a mortgage - or yarn......

Fernicle said...

Bound copies! Coooooool! And so so pretty.


Stell said...

an extra $6 per hour - so thats why we do it?