Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i'm ba-ack

and have been for a few days but what with unpacking and washing and trying to enjoy this week off, i am not up to much blogging. and there has not been much knitting really, just a lot of length added to the weldons lace scarf. it made for good car knitting. we had a lovely time away, it was good to be with family and we went for lots of drives and i saw fraser island for the first time. we didnt go over as it was too busy but we watched the ferry go over and then drove the car down onto the beach at inskipp point without deflating the tyres and got stuck in the sand. just for a little while. we got out with some help. next time, we take the proper equipment! then we went walking in the forest behind my dads place where possum picked up a tick, even tho she had a tick collar on, and started to show signs of paralysis so we drive up to the one and only vet open in hervey bay and he gave her the anti-tick serum which of course she had a bad reaction to, requiring a shot of adrenalin. i was a bit scared for her for a minute there, but she is ok. it wouldnt be a christmas away without one of our dogs getting ticked. sigh.

trent took some lovely photos which i will blog once i get around to resizing them. i might have something more interesting to show and tell by then, and i hope to get around to reading all the posts in my blogroll!

have a safe new years whatever you are doing. personally, i cant wait to see the back of 2008.

k xx


2paw said...

So glad everything was OK tick-wise. Happy New Year!!!!

m1k1 said...

Here's to a bright and beautiful 2009 for you and yours.

Rose Red said...

icky tick! glad that got sorted out!

and glad you are back safe and sound! Happy new year!

amy said...

I felt that way about 2007, and 2008 was much better. I hope 2009 follows suit for you. One of our cats had a bad reaction after the distemper shot and we had to rush him back to the vet for the benadryl shot or whatever they gave him so he wouldn't die. Scary stuff, I know. I'm glad your dog is okay.

Bells said...

Glad to have you back. See you soon I hope!

ps farewell to 2008 I say, too.