Wednesday, March 25, 2009

crazy town

a quick post, sans pictures, from the crazy place that is london. i am leaving it tomorrow morning and i have just figured out where everything is of course! for some reason i couldnt figure out the directions of things and kept walking south when i meant to go north and ended up in back alleys and went round the block 4 times looking for the british museum when its just over there! but today of course, it all went click and makes perfect sense and now i feel completely comfortable and its time to leave!

but i am glad to be going. dont get me wrong, i love it here, its the most amazing city i have ever seen. its about a GAZILLION times bigger than sydney. for example, i just caught the bus back here from oxford st. it took as long to do 2 blocks as it takes to do circular quay to central. but it doesnt stop there, it just keeps going and going, with more shops and more streets, and more people than can possible live in one place. its just all crazy insane with people and buses and taxis and noise! i am looking forward to my two hour train trip to cardiff just for some peace and quiet. i am also hoping cardiff is considerably smaller.

i am sore all over from walking, i havent walked so much in three days for a very long time, and the jet lag has been bad, i feel asleep the first day i got here at 4 in the afternoon and woke up at 1am, then slept again till 5. last night i did from 8pm to 4am, so im hoping i can hold out a bit later tonight and get a more normal sleep pattern happening, before i get back on the plane and screw it up again entirely. its much worse going in the opposite direction i know, so im not looking forward to that.

but i am looking forward to getting home and seeing my boy and my puppies and blogging properly all the funny things that have happened and the amazing museums and all the yarn (and the books, oh god the books) i have bought so far. like the rowan, the manos silk, the wensleydale, the sublime, the debbie bliss, the quivit. no its not all for me. and i havent even been to colinette yet!

more to follow
k xx


m1k1 said...

I was constantly confused with the north/south thing. I guess the sun was in the south instead of the north. (Continue to) Have a great time.

Rose Red said...

I'm so glad you loved London!! It's a great place isn't it. Can't wait to hear about Cardiff too (I'm pretty sure it is smaller than London!!)

TinkingBell said...

Oh so wonderful - and really - the getting lost thing just adds to the fun of being somewhere else and all on your own and discovering and adventuring!

I love london and wish I was there too - getting lost! Have a great time!

2paw said...

It all sounds so exciting!! Glad you are having a wonderful, though slightly directionally challenged, time!!

Bells said...

she blogs!

When you come to Canberra next month, we shall sit up late hearing all the stories!