Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my sweetie pies

nothing about knitting pleases me more than socks. sometimes i am still amazed that something i once thought was impossible now seems so easy. this doesnt mean i do it well, particularly, but i like the fact that i know i can take some wool and some sticks and make a sock without having to carry a notebook or pattern or chart etc around as well. so much so, that i am thinking of taking an innocent ball of koigu and some bits of bamboo in a pencil case on board with me on saturday. (dont tsk tsk me like that. 22 hours in the air and you expect me to not knit?) the point im trying to make however, is that i am confident enough about the numbers of sock knitting that i can just make it up as a go.

i attempted to make one of my christmas presents up as i went, like actually designing my own pattern. i wanted to call them sweetie pie socks, because they were to have pretty purl details and be made out of a red called vatican pie. it didnt quite work, so i ended up resorting to an old favourite, the picot eyelet pattern (ribbon still to come):

i did add a few extras, like a german heel with the two purl stitches at each end of the heel flap rows, and the purling for gusset decreases.

i also did purl decreases on the toe, but i made one serious mistake with these socks, which was gift one of them with an IOU attached, without taking notes about what i did. so i am not entirely confident that they match. i thought i did a french toe on the other one, so i tried it again here, but from memory. i dont think its quite the same. however, i tell myself, this adds to their charm.

and of course, you cant go wrong with socks made from colinette jitterbug in 'vatican pie' which must be one of the most amazing sock yarns, and brilliant colours, ever. i will be at a conference next week a mere 3 hours drive away from the home of colinette, and i am determined to get there. its the same thing as being in rome and having to see st peters yes?

at any rate, i am going to go back to the drawing board on this design. i really like the effect purling can have on plain socks in yarn like the colinette or koigu, with the really tight spin they have. purl details really stand out and make the colours 'pop', as people say. i wanted to have a plain picot edge, no eyelets but a row of purls instead, then a panel of purls down the side of the leg, that matched the purls in the heel.

a very long flight on a very large plane seems the right place to attempt such a thing. i wonder if i can get an upgrade....

k xx


Rose Red said...

Oh you are flying on the A380 - now I'm ever more jealouser than I was before (if that is even possible!).

Did I mention I don't mind mismatched socks at all!

m1k1 said...

It was very thoughtful of the conference conveners to choose such a location. Of course, in the UK, they look at you funny if you suggest a 3 hour drive is a short hop.

Bells said...

so very lovely. We must discuss picot edges because I stink at it.

Yes, going to see where colinette is made is even more of a religious experience than going to St Peters, I've no doubt about that!

Caffeine Faerie said...

Good luck trying to get away with it.
I phoned the airline and everything before I left and they said no. I phoned the airport and they said even if the airline said okay, security would still say no.

Would you really give up koigu for that?

Just sayin' having been there and done that, I'm trying to be the voice of reason - because I thought seriously about it too.

Nice plane though. What movies will go get to see? (Have I mentioned how excited I am for you? And envious? Have I?!) >.<

2paw said...

Happy flying!! I think not quite matching socks are the bee's knees,and I love the colour and the picot edging.

Fernicle said...

You leave on Saturday - wow!
Having just completed a very long plane ride (little longer than yours) I will just say good luck, and sleepy pills are your friend! Even if they are just drowsy cold and flu things...

I wanted to knit but was concerned about the whole needles through security thing, so good luck with that too. Reckon I have almost seen enough movies to last me a lifetime now!

Sorry we missed the chance to catch up while I was in Oz...hopefully next time :)