Monday, June 26, 2006

a dogs life

after the frost/ice melted this morning, jem thought he might go check out this sunbaking thing of possum's:

he spotted me taking pix and wondered if there was something better on offer:

but decided to stay anyway:

meanwhile this is what im doing:

and this is what i want to be doing!

yes thats right i have bought a sock pattern book. no wool yet. still thinking about the idea of more than 2 needles. thinking that it might be time to take things to the next level....

after the jumper of course which now has a front, half a back and half a sleeve all proceeding well.

back to work...



happyspider said...

you know you're just asking for it. i am totally incapable of resisting the urge to spread sock-ness... is there a thursday midday snb this week? cos if so and if you're going im happy to come along for impromptu sock lesson... and there's very cheap sock yarn at lincraft ($9.99 for 100g in very lovely colours, hot socks!)

kylie said...

oh you are really tempting the fates. i was going to let the midday snb's slide because my committment is so erratic but i just happen to be available this thursday. a sock lesson would be wonderful and i will drop by lincraft on my way! see you around 1200 at starbucks then :) ps you are really evil :)