Thursday, June 01, 2006

not happy jan

why is it that s**t happens and in threes? i have recovered ok from 'the disaster' (much hot chocolate later) and the new pattern is emerging beautifully. (funny how that happens when you follow the instructions as they are written). then i get an an email yesterday from a certain institute of mediocrity, sorry, boys club, sorry, higher learning, to be told that the job i had been offered actually had to be offered to someone else. this has serious implications financially and in terms of the thesis progress, considering the said job was my supervisors while he is on leave. of course he is still on leave and im still supposed to complete by march. while hes on leave. *sigh*.

then its the lovely trents birthday and i meet him in town for lunch (after perusing the fiasco that passes for a sale at DJs and still no closer to finding the perfect bag - the eternal quest continues)... (perhaps i should make a trilogy of movies about that) and no sooner did i finish my weird chilli chicken burger (what SORT of place IS the banana leaf anyway?) do i have to run to the bathroom.

so i feel like crap on so many levels that im going to get into my grandma flanelette nightie and sit in front of the the tv with more hot chocolate and just pretend there is no thesis, only knitting.

however, no snb for me tonight. taph, please hang on to that ball winder thingy for me and i will be at the next sunday session. im sad not to go but too sad to be around people, if that makes sense.

have a good one


Taphophile said...

Ah you poor bugger - what a rotten day.

Hope you're all tucked up in bed with your favourite fella.

Will bring the ball winder for you to play with next time. :)

happyspider said...

sorry you're not well :( hope it all improves for you

kylie said...

thanks guys feeling much better this morning and sorry i missed you both with all your goodies. im off to buy a tote come hell or high water, bag buying always makes me feel better :) catch you soon i promise!

Jejune said...

Seems to have been a week for buggery crap days (mine was on Wednesday). Hope you're feeling happier and better soon!

kylie said...

sorry to hear that jejune...why is it that life insists on interfering with knitting?!

knittydoll said...

ugh...I hate those awful wish-i-had-actually-been-hit-by-a-truck days :) Glad you felt better the next day! Good luck with jumper version 2!