Monday, June 19, 2006


all this travelling the last few weekends has worn me out! i missed yet another SnB this sunday because i was up at belgenny farm at camden rounding up sheep again.

had a great weekend and more progress on the steep learning curve for both me and possum (check out the focus!)

and trent with jem.

these fantastic pix are from marj's flickr, she has this awesome camera which trent covets badly, and a lovely red cattle dog girl called dusty who is somewhat easier to manage then our jem. thanks marj.

i did get some knitting done, however, although it was not entirely succesful. i took the sleeve i have started for trents jumper and it has a one stitch on each end increase, every six rows. on the right side. and it says to 'keep the pattern correct'. i had to ask other, non-knitters, what that meant, given that the pattern is in multiples of three and i was adding two stitches. plenty of helpful advice was forthcoming from people who have logical minds and to whom this kind of thing is like, obvious, so off i go but do i get it right? um no. in this picture i have just discovered my mistake. jo pretends to be interested (well really how interesting is someone whos just discovered a mistake in their knitting whilst among a group of non-knitters?) and alyssa thinks im hilarious.

so i frog it back to the row under the mistake and rethread the stitches (have you ever tried to do that while sitting in a camp chair in a paddock in 5 degrees?). and then start again. i figured it out at last though, and it now looks right and is increasing 'correctly'. i wish these pattern makers would explain what they mean.

so now i am rather tired and with lots of washing to do. and i wasnt happy with my seminar presentation on friday and am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work required to get this thesis finished by march and feel more than ever that i should repair to a large piece of land with no one else around and not one book on it and play with sheep and chooks and dogs and wool all day....




happyspider said...

yes, just lazy pattern writing isnt it ? there are so many ways you could do that, and there is no indication of what is the 'right' way... or the way that will look the least crappy.
and we missed you at SnB! was awesome :)
if you get to disappear with wool and dogs i'm coming to visit!!

kylie said...

when i win lotto we are so there! along with the groovy wool shop full of fleeces, books and groovy accessories :)