Thursday, June 29, 2006

itchy feet

oooh lucky me

i met up with a little spider today who drew me into her tangled web of sock knitting, complete with four slippery needles and this 'knitting in the round' concept which ive never tried before.

i ve never felt so unco-ordinated in my life! but thankfully the spider knows her stuff and showed me everything i need to know for the tube part and picked up my mess when it all slid off one end of the dpns. she even bought me a pattern and some practice wool so i dont waste my precious new bounty:

precioussssss....isnt it gorgeous? so i am starting with baby socks and when i go to the snb next thursday night i hope to be ready (physically and psychologically) for the next challenge of sock-knitting: turning of the heel.

for anyone whos read the yarn harlots new book, ms spider is DEFINATELY a knitting missionary. im hanging somewhere around organic! (ie, my tendency not to knit tension swatches will most definately come back to bite some time soon).

jumper? what jumper....

ps how nice is it to be able to meet up with a complete stranger over coffee and learn something new. thanks spidey, i am, as ever, in awe! nice sherpa youve got there too :)


happyspider said...

t'was utterly lovely to meet you in person at long last and im so glad you like the yarn :) it's probably a very good thing to have a one-on-one lesson before the 'proper' snb... it gets kindof... loud... and crowded... and you may get a tad overwhelmed by remembering all the names. but fear not, forget mine and you are perfectly welcome to holler 'OI! Spider girl!!! i dropped a stitch! HEEEELLLLPPP!!!' and i shall come a-running.
sherpa is a dear and he liked you too (he likes my knitting friends, i think he comes along to talk to such nice ladies rather than so he doesnt miss me :p)
ooh and i have lots of bids... ("lots" ha! pick the eBay newbie!)

Taphophile said...

Even some knitting evangelists skip swatches sometimes. Congrats on the sock yarn - pink grapefruit was my second favourite of Spidey's latest adventures. We're letting her keep the Sherpa.

kylie said...

i am still very chuffed about my one-on-one lesson (although SOMEONE keeps saying how is that little pink thing youre knitting contributing to my jumper?) and am looking forward to meeting the rest of the crew if you are any indication of the level of nice-ness!

knittydoll said...

wow LOVELY sock yarn you've got there, it's gorgeous... reminds me (in a good way!!) of those photos taken of poodles when their fur(or are they the dogs covered in wool?!.. when their coat(!) has been dyed totally pink...! What brand is it? I've been on a sock wool purchasing binge of late.. my stash's sock capacity is really getting up there :) c u thurs.

kylie said...

its a very special boutique brand available only from a certain spider!i will bring it with me thurs so we can all ooh and aah over it :)