Wednesday, June 21, 2006

to be a possum

now is this not the life?

smart girl that one. unlike jem who insists on sitting on the cold concrete porch staring in the back window just in case i move towards food. just in case.

meanwhile i watch her in envy. to be a dog and not to be sitting in a cold house trying to get your head around lacanian psychoanalytic theory. ie, "When a master signifier is dialectized, metaphorisation occurs, the subject is precipitated, and the subject assumes a new position in relation to the cause." Oh yes, of course. (What the....?????)

and at my feet lies a basket containing the first third of the back of a certain jumper just screaming out to be knitted..."knit me knit me and all will be right with the world". this is true, but it wont get my thesis finished.

and neither will blogging.



Taphophile said...

I wanna be a possum, too.

Margie said...

Oh wow. That sentence made no sense to me whatsoever.

kylie said...

me either, which is frightening considering im supposed to use it in a