Monday, September 25, 2006

good weekend

no not the magazine from the sydney morning herald. i am happy to report that a nice weekend was had here at home, starting with the 'ball' on friday night. like i said it was a chamber of commerce thing, celebrating their 70th anniversary. woo hoo. crack open the champagne. yes im being sarcastic. i would normally rather gouge my eye out with a spoon than attend such a function but its trents new role as a manager to attend these things and i tried really hard to be good. i dont think i entirely succeded, choking on your coke at the mention of 'work choices' as though they are a GOOD thing being not really best behaviour. anyway, we got out of there as soon as the band started with the abba covers. at least we looked nice:

trents bow tie kind of matched my lovely garnet beads but the lippie wasnt really dark enough to match. anyway the dress was comfy and i am also pleased to report that i have finally found a great hairdresser in canberra. i am very fussy about this - i finally found a good one in wollongong about 3 days before we moved here (kara at chelsea if youre wondering) and i have tried two here, both of whom charged over $300 to put yellow stripes in, which i removed earlier this week with a $12 box. anyway, the great hairdresser is andre at the edge in oconnor. i prefer male hairdressers usually, and he was very friendly and very good and the place was really nice. now we will probably move again and i'll never get to go there again.

on saturday we planted out the rest of the vegie garden:

chilli, 4 different tomatoes, beans, bok choy, two types of lettuce plus herbs. trent dug the trenches to aid water retention and the wire is to keep the king parrots and eastern rosellas off. as much as i like to look at them i want my vegies to grow. i havent mulched yet, i will just water everyday until the sun warms the soil a bit more and they are grown a bit and the mulch is easier to apply. fingers crossed.

the wisteria has also gone ballistic:

sunday we went to floriade, it was threatening rain but we arent home for about the next 4 weekends so this was our only chance. 'twas lovely, despite the wind:

this will sound weird but my two favourite gardens were the ones from holland and belgium. the dutch one because it reminded me of amsterdam and the way the fields as you fly in are all straight and narrow like this:

and the belgian one because it was all wild and was the most people friendly with the gazebo in the middle:

this was the most unusual flower there, very pretty:

also got to watch some dvds over the weekend, havent done that in ages, the mini series Empire Falls, awesome stuff, highly recommended, and History of Violence which had 'Aragorn' in it so was pretty nice on the eye but was a bit disappointing in the story department, considering the rave reviews. still, nice way to kill 90 minutes.

and now i am buried under a pile of articles i need to read to finish this chapter which just seems to go on and on but at least its going.

i think thats enough for one post.
k :)


Taphophile said...

Fab frock, Kylie - you are gorgeous. :) Trent looked nice too.

Love the veg.

Margie said...

Ooh and Trent's bowtie even matched your jewellery too :)


kylie said...

thanks! i would rather have worn my pink blankie and bunny slippers tho - with jewels of course!

Jejune said...

You both look très très chic! I love that top of yours :D

I haven't braved the crowds at Floriade yet... I'm a bit crowd-phobic, but it means I miss out on heaps of nice things. Your photos have inspired me to try to get there this year.

I got into vegie garden mode last weekend too - planted little 'grape' tomato bushes, a chilli plant, and some rocket. Nice to see my herbs waking up after winter, too :)