Tuesday, September 19, 2006


had a good weekend in sydney doing flyball stuff. no pics of that. no knitting done either. i got a photo of the sickinger wheel thats for sale but its an upright and i want a more traditional wheel, my first pick would be an ashford traditional, and im sure the sickinger is very good, it looked very solid, but i didnt like the look of it, so im going to pass. we decided on the way home that considering i am not likely to do any spinning over summer we will wait till next year and go down to cooma and buy me what i want when i submit my thesis in march. fingers crossed. speaking of which, a few more words have been written and i got a phone call from supervisor yesterday. he was very encouraging and apologetic about the last meeting. that was nice. of course he wants to read the chapter but i said only when i feel ready. it should be finished in a couple of days, although i also have to start writing a paper for the rethinking marxism conference in america in october, which i now can not go to (dont ask) but the paper is being co-written and the co-author is going to give it in my absence. upset about that, but the paper should be ok.

meanwhile, thought i would post pics of some parts of the garden because there are some very radical changes going on. the rose bushes all have leaves on them:

and the wisteria is about to burst into colour:

no pods margie! i am going to fully plant out the vegie garden this weekend so that will be fun, the herbs seem to haven taken well despite some four legged pests getting under the fence to eat blood and bone. fixed that up quick smart.

dress shopping for the do on friday night was successful and outfit now complete, jewellery, new lipstick, cute little handbag. will post pix of the finished look after friday.

now if only i could be bothered knitting!

k :)


Margie said...

Wow your wisteria is already flowering! Mine (on closer inspection) has just got little weeny buds. Well, they're quite big but they're not big bunches like yours are. Interesting.

Ooh new lippie. I luff having a new lippie for a special "do".

kylie said...

its called Opulent Garnet. appropriate n'est pas? also got glitzy little clutch from zelows. we like it there :)

Margie said...

Oh wicked. Opulent garnet is perfect!
Yeah Zelows are great aren't they! :)

Jejune said...

Sorry to hear you're not getting to the conference overseas - pretty sucky to still have to do the writing and not get the trip :p Glad your supervisor is being more friendly, and a good idea to have a new spinning wheel as a prize for finishing The Thesis! Good luck with it all :)