Thursday, September 21, 2006

looking for inspiration

at the risk of looking like a walking advert, the latest issue of yarn magazine is out. i like this mag, nice and simple, some good stuff about techniques. the patterns are a bit wacky for me tho, i must be a rather simple minded knitter! anyway, the cover sure got my attention - could there be inspiration to knit again within?

dont get me wrong, i WANT to knit, im just having trouble picking up the needles. it doesnt help that the two projects i have going are socks and they are both at the leg stage. boooooring. i need some other big project with lots of different elements to work on, but i cant really justify adding to the stash at this point, financially, and then i dont want to start a cardigan for myself over summer (although logically this is stupid because it might actually be ready for next winter if i did). but i havent found the right pattern for that either. anyway, there was nothing that really grabbed me in here.

except this which, apart from making me laugh out loud at the horror of it, made me think of a certain vague magazine and another certain caption competition winner:

something for you miss spider i think? the drunk naked sheep will be hard to beat though.

anyone got any good tips for plus size cardi patterns? and nice fine plain coloured yarn (like some 5 or 6 ply dark chocolate or wine? colour. not the things.)

next post will be pic of party frock after tomorrow night. (on that, im looking forward to dressing up but not looking forward to the actual do. its a chamber of commerce thing and me, the card-carrying communist, and chambers-of-commerce dont go well together. have promised to keep retching-during-speeches noises to a minimum. the things we do. sighs and thinks of pretty earrings.)



Anonymous said...

maybe you could be like Madonna and "dance for inspiration".
How's your Phd coming along?

kylie said...

lucky you are hiding behind that 'anonymous' tag asking such a question!