Thursday, September 07, 2006

wherefore art thou?

something weird is happening. i am unable to summon any knitting enthusiasm, despite starting a whole new pair of socks which are self striping and therefore kind of groovy, and also despite the fact that a skein of gorgeous berry stripey sits waiting to be knitted. also despite the fact that someone is offering me a brand new spinning wheel and associated tools with a kilo of pure merino fleece for a mere $300. its so bad that i didnt bother buying the new creative knitting mag and i have flicked through the new knit simple and been less than enthused by the items on offer. even the plus size ones look very drab. is it some sort of seasonal thing - spring is in the air so i know its going to be too hot to knit anything substantial soon so i am weaning myself now so the grief is not too much to bear later? i do have a lingering lurgy and cant seem to concentrate on anything other than the easiest of sudoku puzzles but this started before the lurgy. there is snb tonight and i will come because margie has made my earrings but i feel like some sort of traitor in the midst....wherefore art thou knitting obsession and who am i if i am not a knitwit?



later: my malaise is not helped by this STUPID flu like cold thing i have that will not go away and i thought was going to be ok this morning until i took the dogs for a walk this arvo and got all stirred up again in the freezing cold wind, so now i am being a complete loser and not going out tonight. cranky.


Margie said...

Sounds like just a case of the knitting blahs to me. We all get it. I have it at the moment too, what with the scarf having increased by about, oh, three rows this last week.

Bring your knitting tonight just in case. You might get there and suddenly feel like it again. That often happens with me.

Taphophile said...

The only known cure is SnB and hot chocolate. See you tonight ;)

Bells said...

i had that kind of feeling a while ago. I wanted to be enthusiastic but just couldn't be bothered.

oh, forget Creative Knitting. I am seething at them at the moment. The jumper I'm making comes from a pattern full of mistakes. Taph says it's all like that. Such a shame. We need a good local magazine.