Monday, September 04, 2006

home again

home from a lovely weekend at kioloa, there was a flyball comp there that trent was judging. jem didnt get to run because we have left the canberra team we were racing with (dont ask) and have to wait four months before we can race again with our old club st george. but we hung around with the guys from st george and it was really lovely and reaffirmed that we have made the right decision to leave the canberra club. flyball is about fun, after all.

but stupid me didnt take any pics of the hundreds of dogs playing happily on kioloa beach or the beautiful weather or the gorgeous scenery, tho i did get some dodgy ones of some teams - this is norwest and southern cross:

this is a norwest thunderdogs team:

this is little arrow who is about the same age as possum and everyone says they look alike except arrows a border collie and possums a koolie and arrow can do flyball and possum, well we're working on herding right now!

this is trent judging, in white and a st george team, in red:

this is annette with cobber, first time competing and didnt make a single mistake!

and this is the awesome st george campsite:

possum had a GREAT time, she loves the dogs from st george, esp kobe and cobber the two kelpies who are her age, they ran around and caused havoc every chance they got. she is also madly in love with daves 11 year old jack, the show kelpie, who is the most good natured, calm dog ive ever met. even jem was in awe of him! i am so happy with how much better possum is in company now, she used to have major other dog issues but the only dog who bothered her all weekend was phoebe the doberman. and who wouldnt be bothered by a doberman called phoebe wearing a rhinestone studded purple collar? (i have so far resisted the temptation to knit anything for my dogs, if only because possum would pull it off bit by bit but i dont know if that restraint will last through next winter).

i do have some pics from the last herding to show. here is trent the cowboy and jem his dog who he is teaching to 'camp out' (i see trent has forgotten the piece of straw hanging out his mouth to complete his ensemble...)

and here are some of me and poss working out in the paddock, they were taken on the saturday so robert is still there helping us out.

i am glad there are none of me and poss out there alone on the sunday because they would have just been a blur as a flock of sheep ran past followed by a possum and me flailing around after them. we will do better next time!

of course i got no knitting done this weekend, i don’t know why i thought i would, i never do at flyball. and now i have either the worst case of pre-season hay fever ever recorded, or a slight cold/flu. hopefully it will be gone tomorrow and i can go back to the pool.

k :)


Taphophile said...

Wow, what a great weekend (even without knitting). Glad you had a good time.

Margie said...

What's flyball?

kylie said...

ah where do i start? two teams of dogs, four dogs each, relay race. dog runs over four low jumps, grabs tennis ball from spring loaded box, returns over four jumps, next dog goes, first team with all four dogs over jumps bringing back ball wins. dogs love it. humans are pretty keen on it too. some would say obsessed....

Margie said...

wow that does sound fun.