Sunday, October 29, 2006

stuff with sheep

there was a yard dog trial out at binalong yesterday, we went to have a look.

brad from bobbora station (where we do some of our training) was judging and 'young rob' (to differentiate him from 'old' robert, our herding instructor) was competing - here they are both in the ring:

just to prove there were actually sheep in the ring as well here is another one of rob, i think his dog was still in the race:

here are some pix of other competitors whose names i dont know:

this is the trialling i hope to be doing with possum in the new year, so it was good to watch other people. no one really had an easy time of it, the courses were complicated i thought, in and out of pens and races, lots of gates to open and close.

it was a fundraising day for the binalong swimming pool, they also had a shearing competition:

and there was a dog high jump we were going to enter possum into but it was getting late and trent was tired and i was getting sunburnt.

so we came home.

only three more weeks till i get to go herding again myself. *sigh*


ps we both managed to stay awake for the big night out on friday, dinner at pangaea was really very good, we had three selections from the 'first flavours' menu - peking duck pancakes, tempura prawns and cajun chickn wings and for mains i had the moreton bay bug and chili linguine and trent had a very nice piece of steak - we were going to do the dessert thing cos they had profiteroles but we were full so we opted for choc tops at the movies instead. 'the departed' was really very good, although i think marty got sidetracked with the action part at the end and should have stayed with the character development slower moving first half. fun though.


Jejune said...

Your Binalong day sounds like good fun - not long til you can be herding yourself ... and your Birthday dinner sounds positivley scrumptious, I'm highly jealous! Glad you had a good birthday :D

Taphophile said...

*drool* over dinner - not a good look and probably why I don't get asked out much ;). Glad the day at Binalong went well. A lovely place to spend time doing something you love.