Thursday, August 30, 2007


i have not really had anything to talk about after the manuscript went in, there was a quick trip to the uni bar followed by jo's birthday dinner in sydney, but i didnt drink so my fuzziness is more to do with the complete shock of not having this thing on my mind 24/7. all weekend i kept feeling like i had a big hole in my brain, that surely i had forgotten something! i did forget things, like dog leads etc when we went flyballing on sunday, and ingredients for the picnic lunch. im pretty sure my brain was fried. i am not sure i can get it moving again, although at least i have a slight break for a week marking first year politics essays. it doesnt take a lot of energy to write repeatedly 'you have not really answered the question'.

and this weekend we are off to the fabulous kioloa beach for the 'surf and turf' flyball comp, its a yearly event and heaps of fun, cant wait! even better to be running my own dog this year instead of just 'helping out'.

and when we get back, its back-to-thesis time, and i must admit this experience of working so hard and actually getting things done on the manuscript has given me some faith that i can get the thesis finished by november.

in the meantime, i have not done a lot of knitting, but i did frog and restart trents bendi-patonyle socks, the rib part went all weird but is better now:

the bendi is slightly thicker than the patonyle and not as soft but its good and sturdy for bands, heels and toes so i think it will work nicely. the contrast looks good too.

so have a good weekend, catch you on the other side of monday.


Rose Red said...

I know how you feel about part of your brain falling out or something! Unfortunately, I don't have a great excuse like just finishing a book, like you! I'm just gettting old!

Socks look great too!

Olivia said...

The contrast does look nice.

Good luck with the brain. I have had that feeling too. I'm sure the break at Kioloa will help, it's lovely there.

Jejune said...

Hope you've had a good break, and your brain has recovered :) The sock is looking great, I like the contrasting band.

Taphophile said...

Heartiest congrats on getting the book in - hope you find your brain again soon. If mine is with it, can you send it back to me, please.