Monday, August 06, 2007

something more interesting...

we spent most of this weekend just gone in sydney because we are doing some very intensive flyball training so that possum is ready to race with the team in a competition happening next weekend. i have to run her as trent is running jem and i think i am getting a better (or is it worse?) work out than when i go to the gym, but its going well and should be fun this coming saturday!

in between training sessions, one of our team mates, joanne, and i, headed off into the city to try out the lindt chocolate cafe and some other things. you can read about the chocolate here.

but one of the other things, was of course, a visit to tapestry craft. just in case you havent been there lately, i took dorky pictures:

the last time i was there was a few years ago and i cant believe how much their range has expanded. i also cant believe i didnt leave with the entire display of jo sharp silk road that i want to make beanies with, but considering i have so many socks to make before christmas i held off and came home with exactly what i went there for, knitpicks dpns of various sizes for afore-mentioned socks:

i also managed to put back some of the knitpicks circulars i had in my hand as i am hoping someone gets the hints i keep making and gets me a kit for my bday in october.

so here are some WIPs, firstly the bendigo/patonyle contrast socks for trent:

(i am hoping these two yarns go together ok, the bendigo is nowhere near as soft as the patonyle) using the new dpns which i adore. they are very smooth and somehow they are making my tension much better, so there are, surprise, no ladders! perhaps this is because they are much smaller, so theres less moving of stitches around, the smallness of them (ie, length), is taking a bit of getting used to, but i do seriously love them.

the baby pants are on hold (tho the baby is not, shes due this week, eeeeck!) because i really need to finish the wrap before it gets too warm to wear it. i am very proud of how i have managed to make sense of the pattern for once, and have knitted and sewn on the band along the left front, joining it up with the band from the left front neckline:

i have continued on from here with 14 inches of rib for the tie, and am starting the right front in the same manner today, then i make sure the ties are long enough, and sew in the sleeves and ends and we're done. maybe i will get to wear it next week sometime.

perhaps in celebration for finishing the editing of the book, which is still happening but due wed week when we have a meeting to sign the papers and hand over the ms etc. fingers crossed.

still being a blog lurker sorry, but glad to hear everyone is well and productive.
k xx


Jejune said...

Fantastic work on the wrap top - well done :)

I get the feeling I'm going to need to try a set of the KnitPicks sock needles sometime soon... you're going great guns with them!

Jo said...

I was intrigued by the yarn that had 30% possum fur

Fernicle said...

Wow that wrap looks complicated and fantastic! You must post pics of it on when it is done. It looks so prurty!!

Georgie said...

Wow, so much to report! Very very envious of the knitpicks, I don't think I can start on socks until I have some. Huge Yay for no ladders!

The wrap is looking great, well done on deciphering that pattern. I know how impotant the book is, but I so want to see the wrap finished ;-)

Bells said...

oh, she got knitpicks! You will now understand why so many of us rave. They are THE BEST.

How intriguing to combine bendigo with patonyle. I'm simply going to have to try it!

Wrap is looking amazing.