Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the other side of monday

here we are then, wednesday upon us already and piles of essays to mark and i am irritated that i am not working on the thesis yet. this is a good sign i think - perhaps my brain is on its way back. i have also been back to the gym after an enforced short break while the book pressure was on. that felt good too.

i have some lovely pictures of our weekend in kioloa but dont ask about the flyball. the racing was a debacle. our team had to withdraw after only one race. enough said.

moving right along.

the weather was divine the friday when we got there, after checking into our little cabin:

we headed straight for the beach:

the dogs love it here, they get to run around like mad things:

and have toys thrown into the ocean to chase:

the people had some fun too, here is trent with our two, jem and possum:

and the kelpie owners plus one:

speaking of obeying the cattle dog:


in knitting news the bendi/patonyle sock is progressing nicely. on the main leg part, i got sick of seeing ladders appear again so i tried the shuffling around of stitches so that the join was never in the same place and this worked a treat:

the red circle indicates where there were ladders, after that, none.

i am not sure how to continue with it now that i am in the decrease for calf part, conceptually it remains beyond me. a fellow knitter/herding friend of mine sent me some sock books she bought and doesnt like and they dont have great patterns in them, but there is one thats about knitting socks on two circs. i really think this is the way to go but i cant get my head around how to do it. i need a visual demonstration but will i ever get to an snb again......

i have so many socks to knit its not funny. i am looking forward to hearing more about rosered and bells summer of socks idea. subset: "socks on two circs" would be great!!

k xx


Rose Red said...

Oooh, that's a great idea - we could have a try someting new bit - socks on two circs, magic loop, toe up, sideways socks etc.

I shuffle my stitches around the needles too, to avoid the ladders - every 4 rows or so, I knit 2 or 3 stitches onto the old stick, instead of the new one, all the way arond - works for me too!

Georgie said...

Heavens, all those dogs in one place! But sun, and surf...looks divine.

Very glad the shuffling of stitches trick is working on those dastardly ladders.

Boo hiss, undergrad essays.

Taphophile said...

Socks and dogs - bliss. :)

Jejune said...

What a wonderful beach holiday, even if the dogs didn't behave perfectly ;)

I've recently tried both knitting socks on 2 circulars, and on magic loop, and FAR prefer magic loop. With 2 circs you end up with 4 dangly points, which I found annoying, while with magic loop you use a single long circular needle. There's a lot of instructions here. Just go through the process step-by-step - it's really quite easy. You'll love it.

TinkingBell said...

Yay1 - Haven't dropped by for a while and look at all the stuff youve been doing!!! Totally agree about lift and separate - took me ages to dot he bands and ties - I also knitted them longer (14 inches phhh!) and find the sleeves a little long - read my post for later today (when I finished writing it) Love the socks and am too too impressed by your lovely L&S - well done on the manuscript! Looks like you and the dogs all had fun!

kms said...

oooh magic kloop....i like the look of that.....