Monday, July 30, 2007

this is my life

no, nothing interesting like some tv guy with a big red book walking through my front door.

more like a message bank recording, that is, where i will be for the next week or two.

one, editing (the manuscript):

two, ribbing (the endless bands for the wrap):

if something more interesting comes up i'll let you know but right now, thats all folks.

k xx


Jejune said...

Sometimes boring tedium can be a nice thing... less stressful than dramas! Enjoy the quiet times ;)

Looking forward to seeing that wrap - you must be close to the end now!

Fernicle said...

Hi Miss Kylie...did you get your book editing done on time?

Me been busy hiking the countryside and trying to write lectures for a week long course for science PhD students on the ethics of nanotechnology - not easy me tells you!
XXX coming your way.