Friday, September 21, 2007

shameless cross promotion

so, there is a knitpicks comp where you can win heaps of stuff, so i spent some time just now figuring out how to put the button up without hotlinking. it was tricky, but its there. only thing is, i am not buying anything, cos i bought 4 pairs of dpns at tapestry craft not that long ago, and in about a month its my birthday and i have told everyone who is listening and even those who arent, that the one and only present i want is a deluxe set of options. so i am not buying anything. sorry. but i have the button up. does that count?

also, here is the link to the fantastic southern summer of socks site (try saying that with a mouth full of weatbix), which i am very excited about and cant wait to have a button for! it will be my first KAL. i only hope i can keep up the pace, there are some formidable knitters out there. im scared.

today, i was reminded that there are some nice people in the world, and they are mostly knitters. thanks guys ((((big hug)))).

(snip) yesterday i wrote something here about gossip and friendship and academia which i woke up suddenly and decided to delete, largely cos its possible that some people from said academy may in fact read this. suffice to say people arent always as they seem (/snip)

and then there are other people who give selflessly of their time and advice for no real benefit of their own meaning that today, it was worth leaving home.

k xx

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Bells said...

I'm so glad you found good people. That's worth everything.

And yay for SSS!! Welcome aboard buddy!