Wednesday, September 26, 2007

sock challenge

firstly, very impressed with ravelry. only had a little bit of time to play but its a very well designed site. looking forward to adding lots of projects to my queue!

secondly, the southern summer of socks personal challenge.

some of the other ones i have read have been very ambitious! i have a few simple goals

1. finish the second socks of the two pairs i have on the go
2. work out how to do socks with a fibonnaci sequence
3. make some monkey/embossed leaves/jaywalker and/or lace socks
4. try the magic loop technique
5. dispel ladders for ever!! (ok, this one doesnt really count).

my reward is either a skein of lornas laces or koigu, and yes, it will be in some shade of red!

k xx


Georgie said...

Great list - challenging, but doable. Jejune had some Koigu at SnB last night and it was sooooo lovely, I think I may have to amend my rewards list to include that too!

Rose Red said...

Excellent list - you can't go wrong with any of the socks listed in point 3 (my personal faves - embossed leaves!).

And red sock yarn - the best reward of all!!

Caffeine Faerie said...

I think Jejune and I can help you with a Fibonacci pattern. :) Sounds like fun!

claudine said...

Great list! I personally love the magic loop technique, because it solved my problem with ladders! (especially if you use circular needles with very flexible cord) Hope it works for you too!