Wednesday, September 19, 2007

walkin' the plank

just when you think all hope is lost, someone sends you a link to something hilarious. did you know it was International Talk like a Pirate Day?

who needs a revolution when there's swashbuckling to be had. let alone the pirate knitting. something to match the scarf spidey?!

thanks so much for the kind words from my previous post, there has been a lot going on around me that isnt directly about me, but its affecting people i care about, and making something we usually do for fun not fun, and that affects me, and i tend to get angry as my first response and then when the anger runs out i am at a bit of a loss. the last few weeks i have not been wanting to leave the house or talk to people much, it just seems like too much effort, and i mentioned this on the weekend as though it was normal and it was brought to my attention that it is not, really. i forget sometimes that i have a bit of history of not reacting 'normally' to the rest of the world, and when you spend most of your time in front of a computer on your own, you tend to think how you are feeling is normal. so a reality check was in order.

apart from the horror of that video, yesterday was a good day for that, because i went down to nowra where my lovely students restored my faith in humanity somewhat, and today, despite some early hair-pulling, i have managed to write a few pages to add to the pensky file.

and despite my desire not to, i have made arrangements to meet up with some people at uni tomorrow because its good for me and because one person is in more need of comfort and support than i am, and it will make me feel better despite myself.

and if all else fails you can just talk like a pirate!

k xx


Jejune said...

I am THE pirate girl, as Talk Like a Pirate Day is also my birthday! Avast!

Sorry life is being a bit shit of late - hope that your enjoyment in everyday things and friends can be restored soon. I tend to 'hide in a cave' when things go pear-shaped too.

gemma said...

Hey chick,
The thing that can't be named should not define your reality .... (speaking as the mother of a chick doing her PhD in astrophysics), it will happen, and will be fine, remember to still have something fun in each day. Ps try knitting the socks on one long circular needle and putting two loops in, one at half way round, and one at the end before you knit the first needle (picture a straight needle, one loop, one straight piece of joining loop (with 2nd half of stitches on it) and 2nd loop then needle. (go on draw it) does away with ladders in socks, cheers.

Olivia said...

I hope your self-enforced social contact did make you feel better.

Along with talking like a pirate, there's knitting. Just a few rows squeezed into the day makes me feel better no matter how crap everything else is. I don't think it's knittig in itself but the act of making something.