Friday, September 28, 2007

long weekend

if you saw the post with the quiz in it (you can find a link to the quiz here), i didnt like the picture so i took it down, but if anyone cares, i am, apparently, a 'knitting adventurer'. its true too.

anyway, i am busy at the moment trying to get together all the bits and pieces for our camping trip this weekend. we havent been camping in ages, so we are looking forward to it. we are going to wyangala waters near cowra, the reason being that miss possum and i have entered a yard dog trial* at the morongla show on the monday of this long weekend, and given i will be in and out of the ring in less than 10 minutes, and you only get one go at it, we thought we might as well go find some nice little spot under a tree to hang out for a few days as well.

if any canberrans happen to be up that way, do come say hi! (its halfway between boorowa and cowra). speaking of boorowra, the irish wool fest is on the sunday and is worth a visit as well, they have a scarf competition there, and there is more dog fun in the park with a flyball competition, but we arent entering this year.

so, have a nice relaxing long weekend ( what are we celebrating again?) and see you next week sometime.

k xx
* yard dog trial = bizarre affair where my crazy koolie 'possum' works sheep in and out of pens, through gates and up a race while i pretend to look like i know what im doing and yell stupid things like 'round' 'here' and 'go way up'. dont ask me why im doing it, the potential for humiliation is staggering!


Fernicle said...

Back in the land of the how did the yard trial go??

m said...

I am a closet lover of yard dog trails ..mind you my farm dogs look down apun them !!Well done on having a try ..As you state the potential for great humiliation is real,...since our kelpies will only work for my husband ,rest assured I'll remain a trail lurker..