Friday, April 04, 2008

if it makes you happy...

someone pointed out to me the irony of a bank using that particular sheryl crow song given the next few lines (which they dont use) ask "then why the hell are you so sad". i would love to see them play more of it and watch all the banks mortgage customers yell "because youre charging me 10% interest" at their televisions.

anyway, it is the title to my post today because it is my personal mantra at the moment. a friend at uni who reads this blog wondered yesterday why i had not posted for a while and my honest answer was because i had nothing to say that wasnt bitter and twisted and full of angst. in other discussions it has been suggested that the best way to eventually pull myself out of the slump which i am in, is to surround myself with the things that make me happy.

despite the fact that he makes me very cranky at times, just by virtue of being his normal loving self, i would post a picture of trent but he is at work and i am not, therefore, currently surrounded.

in lieu of that, i post arty pics of the shetland triangle shawl in progress - right side up:

upside down:

here it is at its current size on a pillow so you can see how big it is:

and you can also see how much yarn i still have left. i dont think i have even used a third of the yarn, and i have done the suggested 9 pattern repeats. the pattern does say it is for 100g and i know this was 150g so i was always going to make it bigger, and i do want it big enough to really wrap around myself, so i am just going to keep going... its so lovely and soft and these gorgeous cicrcular lacey bits keep appearing, i am so enjoying making it. everything else has fallen by the wayside at the moment im afraid!

and because i am trying very hard to keep a certain black dog out of my house, here are the two creatures apart from trent that make me happier than anything else in the world:

apart from knitting the shawl. and chocolate. but that goes without saying!

k xx


Michelle said...

You're right, you know. I too have to work very hard to keep the black dog from my front door, so I try to see the joy in the little things. It really does help.

Your intro the bank ad just made me laugh really hard. I may have even snorted!

The shetland shawl is STUNNING! I love those colours - very kms, I say. Hope you have a great weekend!

Bells said...

I heard Nigella Lawson say this week that if you are unable to find happiness in the little things, you'll have a sad life, always waiting for the big things. So well done. The little miracles are worth it.

I love macro shots of shawls - the upside down one looks like a purple moon landscape!

I would keep going with the repeats. I wish mine was bigger than it is, and I did more repeats than asked for!

Taphophile said...

The things that make you happy are lovely indeed. More power to them and lightness to you.

Georgie said...

What they all said, especially the Nigella quote from Bells! Know that there are people who love you and care about you and will be there whenever you need them (us!), for whatever reason ;-)

And my, but the shawl is coming along fabulously. Ive got lace envy!

Rose Red said...

Love the bumpiness of the shawl, even though I know that will disappear when you block it. I love to find joy in the little things, it's what makes life worth it, I think. Sorry to hear you've been a bit down in the dumps (as my mum would say) but hope the knitting, chocolate, pups and Trent helps!!

TinkingBell said...

So gorgeous - I love the shawl and the colour and its general wonderfulness! Lovely shawls mus help keep away balck dog (don't forget the plastic bottle on your minds front lawn though!)

2paw said...

What lovely thoughful puvelt thoughtful dogs they aer!! Shawl looks great, I am also intrigued by the way the bumpiness translates into smoothness.

lilypotter said...

What a gorgeous shawl! And I'm glad you're feeling happier!